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    I asked one of guild members why he is using bots, he answered "i need mats". Then i reported him. After 2 or three days, he went offline, and haven't logged in for 4 days -.-
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    Lazy people who have no sense of pride in what they actually worked for.

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    They're lazy and don't want to put in the effort anymore, but if someone doesn't enjoy the game and resorts to botting that's when I think it's pointless to continue playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thassarian View Post
    If I botted, I'd do it purely to avoid the initial gearing.
    This, pretty much. The current design for PvP gear progression is pretty awful. In PvE you gear up by facing gradually harder content. In PvP you gear up by spending a few weeks losing to people you can't possibly beat (unless they're horrible), simply because they're done with their weeks of losing. It's a pointless entry barrier, and I'm pretty sure it's costing the PvP community quite a lot of potential players who simply don't bother. It made me simply not bother with PvP in Cataclysm, and I probably won't waste my time on it in MoP either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bowjobs View Post
    Lazy people who have no sense of pride in what they actually worked for.
    I don't bot, but I don't think this logic really applies, at least to PvP bots. Most people who PvP do it for competition, not gear. I'm willing to bet most of us would be happier if there was no gear at all involved, and everyone was always on a level playing field. But, that's not how it is. I really don't blame people who bot in PvP until they get geared. It's a game, anyway, not a job. The fact that so many people use WoW and work in the same sentence shows the state of the game.

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    I used to bot fishing till they made it not work anymore.

    Reason? Who the fuck wants to sit there and fish?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremynative View Post
    it sucks but youre not going to fix the problem by being the only one to not bot
    Not botting is the first step to fixing it, by your logic i can steal a car, because not stealing it is not going to fix the problems of there being car thiefs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Netherspark View Post

    This is something that's been puzzling me lately; why do people use bots in battlegrounds? What do they gain from it?

    Something else that troubles me is that I've seen Arena Masters, Hero of the Alliance/Horde and Grand Marshals/Warlords botting. What possible reason could they have for doing it?

    Too lazy to do it themselves maybe? PvP is pretty boring now anyways.

    2.why do people use bots in battlegrounds? What do they gain from it?

    The same thing you'd gain from doing it yourself?

    3.Something else that troubles me is that I've seen Arena Masters, Hero of the Alliance/Horde and Grand Marshals/Warlords botting. What possible reason could they have for doing it?

    See answer to 1.

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    PvP at low level is damn horrible. What point is it in trying when a certain class can do it 50x times better than you thanks to Blizzard and their fans saying "low lvl pvp doesnt mather?"

    But thats only a reason for lvl 85-90s to bot and start pvping right after with all the honor they get.

    People that pvp from 1-90 maybe and starts pveing instantly after are bots. Pvers that does not focus on pvp at all in lvl 90 dislikes pvp like it or not. After they hit 90 they got full cap honor and full cap justice that they can do whatever they want with it.
    A legit pve only person would rather just quest and dungeon while queueing for the first daily bgs/instances all the way to 90. Not only is it faster, it gives tons i mean tons of gold , reps and all the profession items they can gather.

    Sure there are some pve persons that might just want to bg for all the justice they can get at 90. Really? Cause when you hit 90 questing you will be fully justice capped faster than light itself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lopk View Post
    Why spend hours farming honor when you can just bot?

    It's pretty obvious why people bot.
    Pretty much this. Though i think all botters are scum and i wish one day blizzard would just throw their hands up and say stuff it just ban every single person suspected of botting in one hit. BAM.

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    What's to gain? Loads of honor to purchase any of the following: Justice Points, alt spec gear, current spec gear, old mats to sell, and probably more...

    Regardless of their rank, some people find grinding honor just as boring as leveling. I'm sure that each person has a personal gain or motive behind it, else they wouldn't risk getting caught.

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    Probably to avoid the initial gear-grind and easy honor.
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    Lazy bastards who will probably eventually get their accounts compromised a few months down the track by the very same "honest salesmen" from which they bought the botting software from, which is fine in my book, there is nothing you can say to me that can justify using bots... at all, people will try to justify it, you wait.

    Basically, if you think its a "bore" or a needless "grind", then why are you doing it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tennesseej View Post
    It's largely because of honor.

    They use bots to collect honor, then use the honor to get PvP gear to then later do RBGs/Arenas. They get honor and then change it into JP to get PvE gear, and they get honor and trade it in for items you can buy at that honor vendor.

    Basically, honor allows them to take shortcuts with other parts of the game. Even if it is super time in-efficient, they aren't actually putting in the time so they don't care.

    Back in Cata, I knew of a guy who used to BG Bot overnight while he was asleep, and then just trade the honor for Maelstrom Crystals and sell them on the AH. Super in-efficient for making gold, but he would get 500-1000 gold every night from it, which starts to really add up over time.
    this, basically a bot remove the "time efficiency" , you can make gold without actually play the game, and well with golds you can actually buy nearly everything form expensive enchants to epic gems (later in the game) to mounts, and in certain server superskilled guilds sell heroic run for rare mount and equip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremynative View Post
    i like to bot in BGS when i hit max level because it isnt fun getting 1 shot vs full pvp geared players. then i play manually with good gear because its a lot more fun and you have a chance at more balanced gameplay
    I don't bot personally but I can definitely understand this type of player's pov. The game's pvp is utterly shitty as it is with everyone with equal gear. When gear discrepancies come into play in pvp it's probably the worst feeling one can have while playing this game.
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    Becouse for many of us curent season is 10th+ we're playing. Every season we farm honor gear (and more often then not for alt or two as well), all around it sums up to insane grind and many don't understand why they have to farm gear for so called competitive PvP or simply can't stand it anymore. That's the same reason many ignore RBGs (including me) - we simply have done too many BGs over the course of playing WoW and every time i've to go through honor farm i feel disgust and nothing else.

    Take a look at GW2 - you enter PvP lobby, choose a talisman from a wide array of stat combinations, pick jewelery and simply start pvping. Therefore sPvP (setting simlar to wow arenas, althought objective based instead of last standing mode) doesn't affect pve in the slightest, nor pve affects sPvP. Want new class? Takes 10 min to get started on equal footing. Look at CS, Dota 1-2, SC 1-2, Q3, UT - every game places you on equal footing and lets you get started in mere minutes, whille WoW forces you to farm and you still have to deal with pve items (less of a problem now), different gear lvls.

    Honestly i don't understand why Blizz can't make a serious step forward and separate arena pvp and pve completly. Just add a special pvp relic slot and make it stats to activate inside arena only, whille rest slots deactivate - with one strike they fix: unequality in competitive setting, underscaling early and overscaling later for some classes, remove pve gear from arena enviroment. Add more ranks and add vanity items/transmog sets for arena points and it'll be more then enough since most of those who're playing arenas are doing that for fun.

    So back to topic - honor farm is the most annoying factor in PvP right now, you need to spend 40-60 RL hrs just to get basics whille in this 40-60 hrs you could've played hundreds of arena games. And if you take into consideration huge (way too huge) balance shifts almost every major patch, its really hard to pick class most beneficial to your team since you'll have to endure this farm again. All in all i fully understand and support ppls who use set&forget bots to get farm done and commit saved time to arenas. Imo even without major changes of mechanics Blizz could've simply made basic pvp gear purchasable for gold (not crafted sets... they're below basic lvl when honor gear is around) - that would already lessen amount of bots in BGs by a mile (as well as amount of needed BG servers too).

    But i forsee only rise in botting, becouse of new upgrade system. Yea why not, lets add 2x1500 honor upgrade to every honor gear slot so our clients would have to farm another 30K+ honor.
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    High rated players that bot in BG's are probably farming stacks of honour to transfer --> JP for heirlooms.

    That's just a guess, though.

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    Blizzard has always said that they want people to play the game the way they want to play it - well, I want to play it with a geared character. I have absolutely no problem with gearing from content that is somewhat challenging, like heroics in cataclysm for example. Heroics in MoP are completely mindless and I have zero interest in doing them just because they are a mandatory step to gearing. Botting battlegrounds presents an alternative path to the part of the game that I actually want to play.

    And for the record yes I know I have my chars in my sig, I'm not going to say whether or not I've ever botted on them, but let's just say that yes, blizzard really is THAT bad at bot detection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netherspark View Post
    But the majority of people I see botting tend to have full PVP gear, some of them even have full conquest gear and as I mentioned, top PVP ranks/titles.
    I'm guessing farming Rep for them PvP Factions or getting HP / CP to convert to JP / VP for whatever reason.

    Nonetheless, I hope BG botters get the banhammer sooner - completely gotten out of hand... Been in numerous games where the ENTIRE team were nothing but bots...
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    Cause they want to have the benefits with none of the work ?! It's pretty obvious.
    ...and then...fucking ponies everywhere.

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