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    My Young Cousin is looking for a PC < $400

    He wants to play games, CoD, WoW, D3 etc. $400 is a hard limit. Desktop or laptop doesn't matter. Suggestions?

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    Marest's 380 build is probably about the best you're going to get for that price. Unfortunately, if he doesn't already have a monitor you're probably going to have to save some additional money to get one, as dropping below a $300 or so isn't going to get you a build worth much. The lack of an OS could also be problematic.

    Extreme Budget Gaming 380
    MoBo: ASRock H61M-DGS – $44.99
    CPU: Intel Celeron G530 – $48.99
    RAM: G.Skill 1333MHz 2x2GB – $19.99
    GPU: MSI Radeon 7770 – $124.99
    HDD: WD Caviar Blue 320GB – $64.99
    PSU: Antec VP-450W – $35.99 Review
    Case: NZXT Gamma – $39.99 Review
    Estimated Total Price – $380
    Recommended for:
    Budget gaming build that can handle most
    newer games. Offers great value for money.

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    Thank you for your response! I'll look into this and maybe someone in the family has a monitor they can spare.

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    Keep in mind, that in addition to a monitor, you also might need:
    - DVD drive - $20
    - Windows - $100
    - Keyboard - $10+
    - Mouse - $10+
    - Speakers - $10+

    A "gaming" computer including peripherals and OS for $400 is not possible if you need to buy everything new.

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