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    Call of Duty series.

    It gets so much hate it doesnt really deserve

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duruka View Post
    Another one is Kirby Air Ride. I honestly think it's the best Kirby game ever made.
    God, yes.

    Rune Factory and Harvest Moon (Not hated, underrated)

    And Luigi's Mansion, I loved me some Weegee's Mansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digglett View Post
    Harvest Moon (Not hated, underrated)
    Everyone I've heard mention Harvest Moon rates it highly, pretty sure each one has recieved quite positive reviews too .

    I remember Clive Barker's Jericho recieving some pretty bad review ratings but I enjoyed it, gameplay was decent and found the storyline quite interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nirawen View Post
    Everyone I've heard mention Harvest Moon rates it highly, pretty sure each one has recieved quite positive reviews too
    Yeah, but not many people mention it.

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    Maybe Dante's Inferno. Yes it had its faults (i blame EA's time restriction), but I did enjoy the game until beaten on all lvs. Combat seemed enjoyable and setting/story was decent, least IMO.

    A friend of mine also enjoys Two Worlds, despite when I mentioned the bad rep it received.

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    Dante's Inferno was underated/hated? I loved the fucking game.

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    Ah got another one:


    As far as i know, this one never got much attention/love from a broader audience. Focuses on norse-mythology style and melee combat.
    Decent arena multiplayer and the best part: Coop-Mods. Played this on and off for years mostly because of the good and solid co-op action.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pickles View Post
    Call of Duty series.

    It gets so much hate it doesnt really deserve
    Everything past the first Modern Warfare deserves every ounce of hate it's received. Moronic single-player campaigns and the complete removal of dedicated servers? Yeah, fuck those guys.

    COD4/MW1 gets a pass because it was the first of the "realistic (brown) shooters," - and it's unfair to bash the person that started the trend - and allowing dedicated servers means it can be modded to become a decent, proper shooter (promod.)

    I'm currently playing through New Vegas again, which received a lot of unwarranted flak, IMO. I think a lot of people were expecting it to be another fairly brainless Oblivion clone like Fallout 3 was when it was quite a bit more. I just can't bring myself to use energy weapons over guns, though - even with mods adding new weapons and better visuals for them, it just feels like they're so much more boring than good old fashioned guns.
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    Alien vs. Predator, another game that I consider underrated.
    Perfect Illusion

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    Hyperdimension Neptunia series can't wait for the third game to be released in europe
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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    The second most hated and underrated game I know off is easily C&C: Renegade. It got a lot of hate, because people didn't like that Westwood suddenly wanted to make a FPS instead of another RTS with C&C. The multiplayer was actually great fun, and the singleplayer was decent aswell, especially if you compare it to most modern FPS singleplayers...

    Hell yes. Seriously was the best online FPS experience at the time, but no one gave it a shot. I was consistently a top 50 player and had nothing but fun when I played.

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    The Dark Cloud games... Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicle (Or Dark Cloud 2 for Americans...). Two absolutely INTENSELY awesome games from the ps2 era which still hold up very well today (Dark Chronicle slightly better, as Cel-shaded graphics last far longer and the mechanics are slightly more modern, as opposed to the distinctly older Dark Cloud). Both games are amazing dungeon crawlers with AMAZING music (for me, second only to the music from certain Final Fantasy games) and a really cool creation mechanic (both games involve you having to rebuild destroyed towns).

    Amazing games, fun combat, cool stories (mostly), amazing music, and just brilliant.

    They each have some pretty awesome scenes. Dark Cloud has one of the most awesome cut-scenes ever where a huge mechanical flying Giant does battle in the stormy clouds with a huge genie, and Dark Chronicle has one almost as awesome where a giant flying fortress turns into a fucking giant and halts a meteorite with the final dungeon nested on it from smashing into the final cradle of civilisation on the earth. Cool stuff. Also, Dark Chronicle has golf. Like, good golf.

    Fun stuff. Incidentally, Dark Chronicle also features a giant gay fish, and an evil rabbit mastermind with a tragic backstory.

    It even works on a serious level until the rabbit turns up. Still funny.
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    Dragon Age 2, I immensely enjoyed my one play through, now it wasn't on par with Origins, but I really did like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipisawarlock View Post
    Dante's Inferno was underated/hated? I loved the fucking game.
    I remember reviewers giving it a mediocre score and the price of the game dropped relatively quick. It was expected when the 2nd half of the game is pretty much recycled enemies. Like I said, rushed time frame.

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    Advent Rising. I understand why it was hated (bugs galore) but the combat was fun and the story so compelling that I could overlook all of the bugs just to find out what happened next.

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    I don't know how "hated" it is. I can't believe people didn't absolutely love Dragon Age 2. It was such a great game. I understand the main complaint of the map(s) (or lack there of), but as far as gameplay it was top notch.

    Also...Mass Effect 3...except for maybe the last 30 mins of it, it's one of the best games ever. I'd probably say top 5 of all time.

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    Series: Dead or Alive. Not very popular it seems.

    Game: Jet Set Radio Future. The amount of days I acted sick to skip middle school and play is not something I'm proud of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toccs View Post
    Spec Ops: The Line. (We need more games like this in future)
    Only a few hours in but a great experience so far.

    Underrated: Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Astounding RPG, that was canned due to some major bugs at launch, thankfully they've been fixed.
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