After completing "Listening In" I accidentally abandoned the followup quest "Multiple Fronts". Is there any way to reactivate it? I've tried talking to Lord Joran Thul but it won't re-offer it (originally it gets offered automatically after you finish in the Organa cave)

Thanks for any help

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Ok so I did some looking around and it seems like "planetary quest lines" can't be retaken. I saw some posts by people complaining about this on the official forums.

One question though, if I group up with someone just as they're about to start the conversation that begins the whole thing will that let me do it? I already did the first part, so will that work or not? I haven't tried this before and I don't want to camp out in front of the original quest giver if it's a waste of time. (it starts with "An Iron Fist" at "Geor Vers" right as you're about to exit the spaceport.