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    This morning I stumbled upon this picture on facebook,

    The guy who posted it claimed it was an Apple TV.
    I tried googling it but didn't find anything about it.
    Have any of you ever heard about this before? Because if you know anything I'd like to know if its an official product (which I personally doubt) or not, before I tell him its a fake or w/e it is.

    Any inputs are appreciated

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    Omg an apple TV! It's a smart TV, apple invented the smart TV!
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    Read the rest of the thread. One is aloud to make an error..

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    No, thats not an apple tv.

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    that looks like the PS3 home screen? anyway, smart TV is a thing.
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    That is not even an apple.

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    That is a TV with a PS3 hook up to it.
    not some kind of apple device.
    AppleTV is a small black box which can be used to connect devices wirelessly to a TV, and you can get channels and stuff on it through the internet.
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    I know its the ps3 homescreen, I just reacted to the iCast logo and the fact that the guy claimed it was an apple tv.
    Thanks for your inputs tho

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    It's the PS3 XMB on some crappy knockoff LCD. Whatever guy said it was an "Apple TV" likely has brain AIDS.

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    It's probably just a random TV and someone put the "iCast" logo on it and called it an apple product. Troll successful.

    It shows that all apple needs to do is put their name on random shit and people will buy it.
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    These aren't the spoilers you're looking for.

    Move along.

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