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    Couple of things. A lot of that content is still run today, either by twink guilds for gear or small groups farming them for transmog/pets/mounts/achieves, and I think that's enough for most people. Even if stuff like MC was scaled up to 90 (god forbid, I never want to see the inside of that place again) the mechanics are dated and dull. It would create a huge heap of stuff for Blizz to balance classes around, and I don't see it being anything other than a mess.

    Secondly, not to bash GW2 or anything, but Anet apparently doesn't understand what their statement means. Yes there's downscaling to give you a tiny semblance of difficulty (you still 1-2 shot stuff even downscaled so it doesn't really matter), but as an 80 there's zero reason (outside of map completion) to go to lower level zones. Want to know where the max level population is right now? Lost Shores/Fractals. Because that's what the "worthwhile" content is.

    tl;dr: WoW is fine as is, go play (or stay with, if you are playing already) GW if you like what they did with their game so much.
    I can think of many reasons to go back to other zones in GW2, in WoW there is 2 reasons, loremaster/map achievement, wuptido.

    I have yet to see any one, ever on the servers i'm on that does the old content as twinks/whatever, it's level 90 or thereabout that just do it for achievements.

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    alliance only? ugh

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    I don't like the new curse people, the dude on the left and the new chick seem like they are trying too hard to be "nerds". The guy might know what he's talking about but again he's trying too hard to impress and the chick is obviously reading off cue cards, just watch her eyes. [/rant]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puntar View Post
    Well if healers would do, like you say 75% dps of a damage dealer than dps role in PvP is just thrown out. Any "pure dps" will be replaced by healer as only healer spec would be capable to withstand the other healer.

    In both way. To heal themself and even to kill the opposing healer. Pure dpser would have no chance whatsoever 'cause if he cannot kill the healer "soon", he will just die "later". So fat chance that Blizz devs will throw balance away in such a way.

    On the other hand it would be nice if

    Resto Shaman, Resto Druid , Disc Priest would be a viable setup up in Arena

    Or just imagine to throw in the above setup also Holy Paladin and Mistweaver Monk and you would have a killer 5v5 combo.

    Well you can still dream about that.
    75% is not a magic number. Maybe it is 60%. But it is certainly far above what it currently is, where healers are incapable of killing anyone on their own and are essentially not even a rounding error if real dps are present. Note that tanks do much higher damage than healers, despite both being defensive in nature, yet tanking specs have a rather spotty history in PvP and only have occasionally been viable. The fact that multi-healer groups WOULD be viable is not necessary a bad thing, as long as they were not OP. Blizzard has plenty of knobs to turn in order to keep such things under control.

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