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    Still looking. 10% animus wipes, time to prepare for Lei Shen next reset.

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    Still desperately searching .

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    Dark animus went down thursday by the way, forgot to bump. On to Lei shen progress - still very interested in a geared Disc priest, and a geared warlock (+520 with ranking logs preferably).

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    Bumping again. WTB lock/disc. I dont wanna play my alt ;_;.

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    Learning Lei Shen at a decent rate - got through transistion phase #1 almost perfectly a few times on our first night. Still in need of a good lock/disc.

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    Managing first trans phase quite well now. Join us!

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    Lei shen now to 40% with the shittiest of shit setups (1 warlock, HAI).
    Expecting some P2.5 attempts tomorrow, and hopefully P3 attempts tuesday with a kill next reset!

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    29% Lei Shen. Yes, goal of reaching P3 this reset has been met. Hopefully get a kill next week, although pulls are slowing down now that they're double the length . WTB LOCK!

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    Lei Shen at 18% last reset, starting progress on it tomorrow! Still looking for an exceptional disc that can beat my alt :s.

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    Lei shen 10%. Kill before reset tomorrow? Yes pls.

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    Didn't quite make it to a kill. Two 3% wipes pre-5.3, and it'll obviously go down this reset.

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    Lei shen down, followed by 9 attempts and a kill on ra den. World 31 in the 25 man raiding scene. Still looking for a damn disc so I can go back on my main...

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    Spots are open for:

    A great mistweaver (you bring raw HPS to the table, so logs needs to show you can do just that - if we wanted mediocre healing, we'd take a druid).
    Depending on current trials, a disc priest who can compete with my alt (look up dracomaros' logs).
    A DK who can compete with our current.

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    In anticipation of 5.4, this is how our ideal roster would look:

    3 Mages.
    3 Warlocks.
    2 Shadow Priests.
    3 Boomkins.
    2 WW monks.
    1 Feral.
    2 Rogues.
    2 Ele Shamans.
    2 Hunters.
    2 Rets.
    2 Warriors.
    2 DK's.

    2 Shamans.
    2 Paladins.
    1 Druid.
    1-2 Disc.
    1-2 Mistweaver.

    2 tanks (DK+Warrior).

    A roster consisting of a total of 36 players.

    Currently, in order to achive this goal, we are missing:
    One Boomkin.
    One DK.
    One Elemental Shaman.
    (possibly) One hunter.
    (possibly) One Disc or Mistweaver.

    These are spots we aim to have filled by the time 5.4 rolls around - they have opened up either due to people quitting or leaving. You will not be recruited for the bench. You will be expected to sit out if it is what the specific encounter requires, but we do not over recruit just to have players around.

    All applicants must make sure that they are competitive with our current raiders. Previous experience will be considered, but if you do not have a meta+cloak by the time 5.4 comes around, then it is unlikely you'd get a trial, as the boost in performance is pretty much 10-15% from those two things alone.
    We are on farm, so now is the time to apply if you feel that you have been undergeared to join previously. Loot is a non-issue.

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