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    Bump. Still looking for lock/spriest/pally or monk healer.

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    Bumping. In need of warlock, shadow priest, shaman dps, and pally/monk healers.

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    Still looking for lock/spriest/ele shaman to join our roster. HoF cleared tonight, hopefully terrace tomorrow and MSV sunday, down to 2 and a half nights a week.

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    Bumping. Still got three open ranged DPS spots, preferably two of those will be warlocks, one an elemental shaman or shadow priest (OS's appreciated, but not a requirement).
    Still got one open spot for a healer, preferably a paladin.

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    Bumping. Very inerested in a proper holy paladin.

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    Warlock spots have been filled. We're now only searching for really exceptional caster dps (Ele shaman, shadow priest with healing offspecs capable of competing with both, basicly).


    A holy paladin capable of competing with our incredible healing team.

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    Our elemental shaman trial can't keep up with our schedule, so spots are now open for a skilled holy paladin, and a skilled elemental shaman (preferably able to play resto OS for 8 healer fights).

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    Still WTB holy paladin and ele shaman with resto OS for 5.2

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    Opened recruitment for a boomkin along with the search for an elemental shaman, and a holy paladin.

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    Bumping again, maybe some elite protectors tonight...

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    Bumping. Elite HC protectors went down in 5 pulls.

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    Recruiting mage/ele shaman/boomkin, don't be afraid.

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    Bumping for the night .

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