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    bumping for healz.

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    Toned down over christmas, still farming the shit out of the 13 bosses we HAVE down, but with only 2 days, we can't do much progress. Still extremely interested in especially PALADIN, and MISTWEAVER healers.

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    Bump for healers. Especially a mistweaver.

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    We have now found, and put on trial, the healers we need for a stable roster.
    However, we are sadly now in the situation, that one of our two main tanks has uttered a wish to quit when we have found a suitable replacement for him - therefore, we are now looking for a PROPER tank, of any class *but* warrior.

    The following are a neccessity to fill a Main tank position in our guild:
    You must have a Mic, and be able to communicate clearly exactly what you want (cooldowns, taunts, picking up adds, etc).
    You have to be able to think on-the-fly. We don't want to wipe just because "the add didn't appear where it usually was", and you were not able to wrap your head around picking it up.
    You know how to push your class to the limits of what's possible (both survivability and DPS wise - yes, Tank DPS matters for enrages).

    The following is a plus, but not neccessary:
    Experience to match ours (13/16 HC currently).
    A DPS offspec for 1 tank bosses (protectors, windlord).

    What you'll get:
    A core spot for every single raid.
    A guild filled with people harvesting top 10 WOL ranks, be it DPS or Healing - we know what we're doing.
    Great progess on a relatively low raiding schedule (18hrs a week) - ideal schedule for a student that needs to get up in the morning for school, or up early for work.

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    Bumping, Proper tanks need apply.

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    Bumping. Progress on wednesday onwards, predicting full heroic clear in less than two weeks :<.

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    Now also searching for 1x exceptional warlock DPS, as one of our current warlocks decided to screw us over.

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    Possibly open to a rogue.

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    Shek'zeer down in 28 pulls. Boss is hilariously easy, and took us half the attempts of ambershaper and less than a fourth of vizier to get down.
    We're going strong after christmas, and hoping for a tsulong kill tonight/tomorrow - sha next reset. All we needed were those damn healers :<.

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    BUmping for DK tank, lock, ele shammy dps.

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    Tsulong down. Ez. Time for a week on sha, maybe someone throws an app?
    Filled our rogue trial spot for now.

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    40% on Sha. Getting positioning right ATM, consistently getting to P2 with 0-3 dead every time. When random deaths are sorted, boss should be dying fairly quickly.

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    After reviewing our roster, we feel this is what we have space for:

    1-2x Warlock(s).
    1-2x Shadow priest(s) - healing OS and willingness to play it for retarded bosses as shekzeer is a BIG plus.
    1x healer - either Monk, Priest or Paladin.

    We're about as full can be on the melee DPS front.

    25% sha.

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    Resto shaman overslept, literally only got one attempt on sha last night. That one attempt brang him to 25% again (without being optimised due to unlocking the buff in P1). He's going down so hard this week after farm tonight!

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    Sha of fear down in ~45 attempts.
    The only thing we need for our roster to face the Thunder King, is:

    3-4 caster DPS (Shadow priest, warlock, elemental shaman).
    1 Healer (Pally, monk prefered, priest might also be a possibility).

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    Bumping - if you're a good spriest with a decent healing offspec, we can process your application in a matter of hours :<.

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