View Poll Results: Old Horde united as a fist vs Burning Legion or not?

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  • Legion played with fire, the Old Horde was becoming too strong!

    12 22.22%
  • Legion knew well what they were doing! Old Horde wasnt a threat.

    35 64.81%
  • Im not sure!

    2 3.70%
  • After alliance defeat, Old Horde DOMINION across the Nether would be unstopable.

    5 9.26%
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    It is a tricky question. On one hand turning against the Legion was probably inevitable. The question lies if the Legion ever gave enough power to the Old Horde for them to ever pose a threat. Look at the lore with the Mogu and Saurok. Saurok turned on Mogu...however the Mogu were not defeated...yes they suffered casualties but the power Saurok were weaker by default of being created by the Mogu. Likewise with Burning Legion...enough power to do their dirty work but not too much for them to pose a threat.

    Also we have not seen the true power of the legion. Even Kiljaden was re-sealed how Rag 1.0 was...We will face him and the true power of the legion soon enough!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightguard View Post
    I'm pretty sure after you kill your whole family you don't have a softness anymore...he was constantly begged by spirits to stop be he never did...dude kinda became ruthless ...and that little shard of showing he was controlled the whole time at the end of ICC? Well hindsight the ending could've been a lot more happy if ya know...tirion didn't fucking kill his heart...(which btw that quest and what happened in ICC seem to contradict one another)
    Well, Tirion considered it was beyond redemption. Who are we to argue a paladin with an uber Holy Sword, about to smash the Heart of Evil? I'm talking about him holding the Scourge back this whole time. Why not decimate the world and just pick the strongest undead after that? Apparently, he didn't want that.
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