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    LF buff addon to work with standard Blizzard UI!

    Hi everyone, this is my first post so please no anger if i made a mistake!

    Please help! I have spent a month or so trying to find an addon and its driving me crazy!

    I am looking for a simple addon that will place my (player) buffs and debuffs under the character portrait (frame?) in the exact same way as the buffs and debuffs are placed under the Target Frame in the blizzard standard ui. I have tried tinkering with CT buff frames, satrina buff frames but sadly its just not looking right

    Sadly i am not allowed to post any images so I cant show what I mean exactly but hopefully my explanation was enough!

    If you have any suggestions please help me out!

    ps. i am not looking to change the player frame look, so no xperl or anything like that thank you.

    thank you very much,

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    Did a quick test with Raven. Is this about what you wanted?

    Bottom text is duration, top text is stacks.

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    Thank you for this, do you think it is possible to make this work with OmniCC?

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    Yes, Raven supports OmniCC. I can disable Raven's timers so that OmniCC takes care of those if you want.


    Okay, got around to finish it.
    Scroll down and copy the RAW Paste Data at the bottom. Open up a new Notepad document and paste it all in there. Save that document as Raven.lua within World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/<YOURACCOUNTNAME>/SavedVariables.

    Then just download and extract Raven and start up the game. Type in /raven, go to Profiles in the Raven config and change profile to PlayerBuffs.

    Considering we might not play with the same UI scale, the icons might be smaller/bigger than on your target frame and/or clipping your player frame. If any of that happens, just look at these fancy pictures for help!

    First Picture: Lock/Unlock of Anchor. Debuffs are anchored to Buffs, so you shouldn't have to move debuffs.
    Second Picture: Where to resize icons. Change Bar Group to Debuffs to change size of... well, debuffs.

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