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    Play Hecarim and pull out the most straight forward ganks ever. Post-6, just run straight down the lane. The enemy will be so shocked they won't be able to react. It's really fun too. magic

    i love hecarim he becomes so tanky <20min mark tower driving is no problem (i build boot,HOG,philo,glacial shroud>frozen heart if i need more armor otherwise phage>frozen mallet)

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    The problem with amumu is he is VERY blue dependant first clear. That..... And u can basically steal his blue 60% of the time. Definitely a good pick.... But it team has to love u. Also is almost always banned in ranked.... Poor little guy
    hmmm after the amumu e buff (mana cost reduction) hes not very mana starving unless you got killed before full blue buff duration or counter jungled or even dont have philo really fast in oceanic now Lol

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    Sometimes making your presence known is all it takes. (Though your teammates sometimes only count you coming to lane if someone gets a kill).

    If you can harass even just a little bit, it can make the enemy play differently perhaps avoid certain areas, or patrol certain areas (even when youre not there) that can be helpful and allows your laners to farm just a few extra minions unmolested.

    I like to harass the other jungler, I like to hit our blue and then THEIR red. This of course only works well if you recall and then get your own red, puts him behind on leveling, gold, which makes him less of a threat to your lanes.

    SOMETIMES this really puts their jungler behind on leveling and he will receive pressure from his teammates, which makes him make mistakes, jumping into lane, or to appease teammates with his presence. An under leveled champion is a free kill. On an even rarer occasion he may venture into your own territory to get some morsel of xp/gold. Again making for an easy kill.

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