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    Wind Lord Ta'yak Help

    Hey everyone, so we have been attempting this boss for several days now. Our dps for each person is slightly above 100k, maybe between 100k-115k and we are 1 tanking this fight and 3 healing. We are hitting enrage on most attempts or pushing really close on some attempts. We are CCing one of each ad and 2 of the menders. Our main priority right now is burning/interrupting the mender and cleaving everything else. One we get all of them down we are bringing him to the center and spreading at max range.

    Some feedback on better strategies or helping meeting enrage is nice.

    We are getting people out of the ambers very quickly to avoid dps loss.

    We also have our dpriest doing about 20M dmg as well.

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    Two tank, two heal -- The tanks dps is pretty huge on this fight, save hero for last phase when all adds are down, his hp will melt away.

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    His name is Wind Lord Mel'jarak btw.

    Also, you can 1tank 2heal it as well so the MT will do even more damage. You'll need to use a defensive cooldown on every Quickening though because all the adds beating on one person will hurt.

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    Save hero for the boss if you aren't already. Make sure heals don't go off. We killed him with almost a minute on enrage the first time iirc. It doesn't sound like you're doing anything super wrong.

    Some optimizations you can try:
    • 1 tank
    • 2 heal
    • Only kill an add set that has 2+ out (shared health pool; cleave kills them faster)

    Other than that, just do more damage.

    Also, this is how we handled the adds on normal:

    CC 2 Menders, 2 Blades; then 1 Mender, 1 Blade

    Kill Trappers > Blades > Menders

    With all 3 Trappers out, they died really fast. The last 2 sets died really close to each other. You can't have all 3 Blades out at once, so Menders have to die last. Just assign an interrupter to each and a ranged interrupter for backup (very important when you swap CC after Trappers die).

    You can do the add phase pretty much however you want, though.

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    Getting more dps time on the boss while he has the damage increase debuff is really important, at least for our group. We cc'd two ambers, one blade master, one mender. Assigned the tank to /focus /cast [target=focus] Interupt Spell Here and had all the other dps set their interupt macro on the other mender. Your comp isn't listed but this strat needs a mass dispel, so a priest is handy.
    We single tank and 3 heal. Burn lust on the pull and AoE the adds quickly, making sure each mend is interupted and quickening is mass dispelled every two stacks. The quicker your dps get the adds dead, the more time you have on the boss with the debuff, which, for us, was huge. We had alot of 5% wipes and changing when we lusted netted us a kill with lots of time to spare.

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