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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderdragon2 View Post
    i just hope that its easy enough for the EU people to grasp...

    I will say a bit wtf and uncalled for? since EU is pretty much always the first to kill the last boss, and pretty much all of HC bosses, even tough US have it like 16 hours in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikoslav View Post
    what is the requirement to do ToES LFR?
    I wanted to do it but apparently I am missing some requirement, I dont think it s an item lvl though.
    Same thing for me, i have ilvl 477 and i have completed every boss in both mogu vaults and hof in lfr. Still says that: you do not meet the requirements to join for this dungeon.

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    Terrace lfr not activated in eu. Good yob bliz.

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    First boss didn't even feel like a boss, the funniest thing was tanks just standing in things and being confused, but we didn't wipe.

    Second boss we wiped once because some guy decided to yell out orders which made the tanks stand in the sunbeam and get the whole raid breathed on. That, and healers are generally not good most of the times, I had to yell "DISPEL BOSS" everytime he would get the debuff in the 2nd phase.

    Third boss I don't even know what this was supposed to be but it wasn't a boss.

    Fourth boss was easier than the dragon, doesn't do much, no wipes.
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    489 ilvl, cleared all the other lfr's today - still unable to sign up on eu.

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    TES the LFR version is available in EU now.. just got enabled as it seems!
    Warlocks get buffed ONE TIME and suddenly developers are getting fired over it...

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    Well that was funny, I think you can soloheal the last fight.

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    Easier than the other 2 I would say, even if you exclude prenerf Garalon and Amber Shaper. Each boss is essentially about one thing:

    Protectors: Can your tank/melee dps move out of the white stuff on the ground?
    Tsulong: Do enough people understand they need to clear their debuff in the sunbeam?
    Lei Shi: Do your tanks understand the concept of swapping and using personal cd's?
    Sha of Fear: Are the healers who get teleported capable of healing moderate to high single target damage?

    That's it really. The other mechanics are very obvious or very forgiving. Sha Breath looks scary until you realise it's the only thing he does and it's on a long cooldown and most of the raid can avoid it. As Outofmana pointed out, apart from being teleported you can soloheal it easily.

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    was expecting a tad more from terrace on lfr. fun fights and very pretty instance but sha was a complete let down. compared to pretty much all the bosses in heart of fear and probably all of them bar stoneguard in vaults he was just a boring stand still and dps and as a healer there was bugger all to heal. even forgot people were going to the other platforms until i saw them flying over there.

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    Really felt like ToES was a bit to easy, especially the first boss.

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    All in all , extremely easy.
    The protectors feel like trash with abillities.
    Tsulong is the best fight out of the 4 , a lot of healing needs to be done so as a healer I felt busy and it was fun.
    Lei Shi - If your tanks know where their taunt button is , its trash with abilities again.
    Sha of Fear - Wut? I don't even... I literally stood in place for 10 minutes rolling Lifebloom on the tanks and watching TV in the background. Even Morchok was more entertaining.

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    I think it was decent

    1. First boss(s) - Very easy, can ignore most mechanisms. We did mark a kill order based no normal mode, but I doubt it would have matter

    2. Second boss - We wiped once because nobody explained the fights. Too many dps died by not going into the sunlight. But even with only like 3 of us dps alive along with tanks and heals, we still almost could have gotten it. Second time was very easy with all dps alive.

    3. Third boss - Very easy, but very annoying fight.

    4. Sha - Very well tuned for LFR. We certainly could have wiped. Had to Brez a tank and stuff like that.

    Overall maybe a little on the easy side. The problem seemed that even though all of the bosses were easy, they all felt like they took a long time. Like you get where you feel like you are never going to wipe, but it just drags on.. especially the 3rd boss.

    But it is LFR, so probably about right. You really have to mess up to wipe, but it isn´t really a pinata either.

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    The only danger was of dying of boredom.

    The mechanics seemed like they could have been interesting, but they are tuned way too low.

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    My group wiped for almost an hour on Tsulong, and that was with someone actually raid leading. It was absolutely mind numbing. Lei Shi was annoying at best. Sha we wiped to once, but overall it was just long and boring.

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    Just oneshot all bosses with 1 death through the whole raid, they seemed perhaps a bit too easy.
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    Finally tried the live version today, was pretty fun
    First boss was very hard to heal at the end, we killed healer first, storm second and the sha guy last - sooo much damage Tsulong took us 4 hillarious wipes, 5th try was just lucky imo. Instead of people dead from not clearing the debuff we had whole raid sit in the sunbeam, exept a few ranged and healers, me included, running around desperately asking in /s Please move out of the beam, don't stand in it. Ofc whole raid stands in it, tanks too, boss keeps breathing on them, they keep getting fears etc...

    Water elemental was just incredibly boring. Tanks kept dying, we kept ressing them, eventually went in with 4 people in tank spec and killed her, sooo boooring though, unless you are a tank I guess. Sha was great fun at least to me. Flyyyying around as a little sha is just hilarious

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    Yeah... All of you posting 'seemed a bit easy, dying of boredom lol' or similar...

    LFR. L F R. That's the entire point. It's MEANT to be easy. Your challenge is in heroic mode. Talking about how undertuned or easy it was is pointless; that's the entire point. Heart of Fear was the anomaly, the overtuned version, with Garalon and the Amber-Shaper. Terrace, if it's easy, is working as intended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ovm33 View Post
    Third Boss - Zero Wipes / several deaths (Not really sure what was going on, other than the boss sounded like an Asian version of Honey Boo Boo)

    Forth Boss - Two Wipes (Tanks weren't taunting when the other was getting ported.)
    3. LOL'd IRL
    4. Tanks never have to taunt but merely stand in the circle of light to get fixated.

    My experience with this was

    Protectors: 1 shot - It really doesn't matter what order you kill in. We chose Kaolan first (cause of the everlasting dot application)
    Tsulong: 2 shot - Extremely easy once you communicate a few things. The beam of light can just be stood in by ranged to never worry about the debuff stacking (it doesn't diminish quicker unlike the DJ states) Just make sure to move out whenever Nightmare targets someone unless you like getting feared. Healing phase is pretty simple, just make sure to dispel Tsulong (it's a normal dispel since he's friendly) and win.
    Lei Shi - 1 shot -Very easy fight, only moderate tank healing (especially toward end) and proper tank swaps needed.
    Sha of Fear - 1 shot - Stupid easy, the main mechanics can be ignored. You can eat fears and comfortably live (only like 200k damage). Tank damage from Thrash is weak. Add damage on platform is weak, orbs although helpful if eaten won't even come close to a wipe if you ignore. It's pretty much tank and spank without much threat of any death. Death Blossom is still a bit strong but healable. Also as stated previously, Chimera of Fear does drop on LFR.
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