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    Garalon Heroic - tips, spec?

    My guild is currently progressing on Garalon heroic on 10 man. I tried going through several videos featuring disc priests but I found none, and only one holy priest who seem to have manage to kill it. Can't see any logs on Garalon atm either.

    Given how much some raid members are spread and the constant ticking raid damage, it's a challenging to top people up before the next crush especially with the group and target restriction of prayer of healing? Mana is somewhat strained. I was thinking of going holy on this encounter, with either a Hpala or Rdruid as the second healer.

    I'd like to know if anybody who has done this encounter and/or killed it has any tips which may be useful.

    Thank you.

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    Disc and Holy are both viable for this. If he has it, your Hpala should be using eternal flame in conjunction with the 4 piece pvp set and CS a leg for HP; if the paladin has this gear it is seriously OP for this (and a few others) fight and I'd favour the paladin over a druid.

    I would strongly suggest you consider 3 healing it though. Initially, we thought we lacked DPS for it and would need to 2 heal however once people got comfortable with the fight/tactics were sorted it is not so tough-also note we had no rogue or warrior and the only melee was a DK. Sure, you will likely bump close to enrage when 3 healing but don't necessarily let that put you off.

    If you decid to 2 heal, you'll need to carefully consider you positioning to get the most out of PoH, ProM and perhaps most importantly cascade, which rocks for this fight. Tip: cast cascade it a fraction before crush and it will still be bouncing and healing throughout the stun, and bingo, most people close to topped. I'd have the pala taking care of tanks and the pheromoned player primarily but helping raid too, with you mainly on raid. Additionally, if you go 2 heal you may find you need to simply stand and turret healing and therefore shouldn't take the pheromone.

    Personally I prefer healing the fight as holy, particularly if you stack mastery.

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    It looks like logs are just now being accepted as Heroic for Garalon. I played Holy & Disc for this in 25.. found that people were somewhat randomly getting gibbed by Crush so I went Disc. Not sure what you can gain from 25 logs, but here are our logs for last night: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...?s=4060&e=4481
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    2 healing this fight is rough any way you look at it, especially without a monk doing some serious heavy lifting. To me it mostly depends on which spec you are most skilled with. Given the recent hotfix disc should be able to sustain a higher overall hps but holy has the better raid cooldowns. At the end of the day maximizing poh is what you have to do in either spec to have success. If you find a good answer to that I'd love to hear it because my raid is a bitch for poh no matter how I try to do it. If your paladin has access to pvp 4p you should absolutely have them use that and keep eternal flame on as many people as possible. They need the divine purpose talent for that approach.

    As shitty as it is, I personally swap to my alt mistweaver for this fight and with tier less gear ilvl wise I still easily outheal my priest by 25% at least.

    The best I can give from trying to get this done on my priest is to do the best you can with poh, absolutely maximize cascade healing, and go with the spec you play the closest to optimal. One option if you are having a lot of trouble with poh is to run serenity chakra and make strong use of cascade refreshing renews.

    Good luck, and if you get something to work well I'd love to hear it because I'd really prefer to not swap to the monk.
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    I'd stick to disc.You will most likely have to kite as well,so shield and penance on move,are more than good.
    Ppl will always be spread around the legs anyway,so spirit shell isn't that hard to stack,and u can always use shields on the one that is kiting at that point if u have to.
    For 10man @least my opinion is that disc is better.
    You can even time your raptures before crush when spirit shell is on cd to get multiple raptures back.
    That's from me hope it helped.

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    Also there's no need to go 2healers,but even if you decide to do so, healing as disc is safer when u will have to heal crushes on your own while the other healer is kiting.

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    You havent been able to get "multiple raptures back" since ICC. IT has a 12 sec icd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayita View Post
    You havent been able to get "multiple raptures back" since ICC. IT has a 12 sec icd.
    Apparently it is currently broken unless they fixed it in the last week so that you can get multiple simultaneous procs.

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    Thats interesting. I'll have to test it tonight. That would be extremely broken if thats the case.

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    2 healed on my priest, with a resto shammy and on my monk with a resto druid.

    priest was damn hard, even at 385 ilvl. I spirit shelled as much as possible, but because of the spread and the need to heal the kiter it often wasn't optimal.

    cascade and pom were life savers!

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