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    [PvP] (RESTO) Help.

    Hello, I have decided to reroll to my shaman and intend to play as resto for arenas! and I need as much help I can get with everything! which spells to utilise, glyphs, talents, gems any information about playing resto as you can possibly give I would love to hear it! how to survive burst is something that would be hugely appreciated due to the state of burst atm

    Thanks very much in advance!

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    220 views and no replys :O guess no one knows much about pvp resto :S

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    Quote Originally Posted by R0AM3R View Post
    220 views and no replys :O guess no one knows much about pvp resto :S
    Doubt anyone is going to write a guide for you (which that is basically what you're looking for it seems).

    If you refine what you need help with then you might get more results, e.g. having trouble dealing with XYZ or giving an armory link for people to point you in a right direction, etc...

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    if they use cd. you use yours just like every other healing class. but no1 is going to hold your handle. alot if basic knowledge of the game.

    and both find with in 5min using google.

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    earthshield, riptide, purge, hide behind a pillar all game 40 yds away. theres many video guides for pvp resto. most represented healer spec out there.

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