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    Challenge modes too easy.

    This pretty much sums up my night.


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    or go to jade temple where the boss bugs
    Same Shit Different Day

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    We did seige of nezaureursdfh983ryfhuih3298fh82hf923hfudshafiujdshfkjhsdkjfhsjkdfhsjkdfhsdkjf

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    Errr, what? Title said challenge modes were to easy, but this is just you stroking your own epeen.

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    Meme image threads don't really leave a lot of grounds for discussion, and macro posts in general are disallowed outside of certain fun stuff threads. Closing this.
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    "We actually contracted out the creation of the equally-epic-yet-non-loot-dropping-non-boss mobs in Throne of Thunder to a giant snail. I think he did a pretty good job."
    - Blue Q&A

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