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    Dumb argument, and here's why:

    This is like comparing driving a car to driving a moped. Both do the same thing (get you from A to B), one just has waaaaaaaaay more power under the hood and is much more costly.

    Stupid topic reason #1: If you're spending an astronomical amount of money on graphics cards, processors, RAM, and the such JUST for gaming you have to consider the type of games you play with what type of hardware you're getting. OP assumes all PC Gamers intend to outright spend a vast amount of money on mid to high-end shit when a good majority of PC games require nowhere near $200-300 video cards. Most people I know honestly buy this expensive shit just to see how high their shit can go, but have no real specific reason to have it. If they're spending $300 on high-end cards and then playing a game like League of Legends, it's their own fault or they have an ego problem when they brag about 4-5 FPS increases.

    Stupid topic reason #2: You're also comparing consoles to something that can do much more than play games. From word processing, easy internet searching/browsing (have fun searching the net on your controllers, yes I'm also aware you can plug in keyboards, but lol at that anyway), video creating/editing, artsy people using photoshop and other related tools, and so much more.

    And honestly, there's far more reasons I could probably list but the point is there. It's a stupid thing to compare. If you like console gaming, more power to you. There's quite a few titles that aren't released on PC that I enjoy on consoles. I hate the controls, but hey, I enjoy the games so it's worth it. I prefer PC gaming more for everything else because A: it looks better and B: the other 90% of games I play are on PC and consoles both, or just PC only. Try playing games like SC2 on a console controller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightelfsb View Post
    We'll I guess its doing okay, but I still see the industry like its lost some creativity. Nothing but sequels now days really.
    There's big money in sequels, so publishers go where the money is. There are a ton of really interesting and creative (they're not all good though) games from indie studios and non-AAA developers. They're not going to be advertise everywhere, but they're out there.

    redit: PC actually has a lot more interesting creative games because of how much easier it is to put a game out on an open platform like PC compared to something like Xbox or PlayStation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vespian View Post
    Completely false. If you buy a mid to high end pc today, you won't have to upgrade another 4 years and maintain a steady 100 to 60 fps. It will change when the new consoles are released, because the market adapts to console games in terms of system requirements, but Sys.Req's haven't been going up for almost 3 years now. Not at the speed they did when it was all about P4 and AMD Athlon.

    And to add, the prices haven't gone up either, they've been slowly decreasing.

    My second last PC cost me €2500. I had to go for new hardware after 2.5 years, if I wanted to maintain playable FPS. My current PC is roughly 4 years old, cost me €1500 and plays all current games at max settings 1680x1050 with 60+ FPS.
    You wont "have" to, but he's saying that most people DO, and it's quite accurate, all of my friends and many people around the forum here frequently upgrade their computers even with no real "need" to. Furthermore PC gaming will initially cost a bit more but as they say you get what you pay for, you'll enjoy better graphics than console games and a say $1500 pc will continue to provide said graphics for at least 2~ or so years, yes there is no "need" to upgrade even past that point, it will run games just as well with lesser graphics settings but since most of us want top/ultra graphics all the time we continually upgrade our PCs to reflect that.
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    Meh, a modest gaming PC costs more than a current gen console currently but what makes it worthwhile is:

    -All the other things I can do on my PC that I just can't do with my consoles.

    -Getting really good deals on various games that you could never get with a console.

    For instance, I can play a video game (for 75% off thru Steam) on my monitor while playing a movie for the family on the TV (via HDMI out) while listening to Pandora on my headphones while alt-tabbing over to MMO-C to read the forums while pulling up youtube on my other monitor to figure out how to get passed an area of the video game I'm playing that I'm stuck on.

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