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    Heroism/timewarp Bug?

    Hi yesterday on Sha of fear we went with a Hero on pull, and then another hero around 25% after a breath. Though the Hero/tw was casted almost simultaneously resulting in both of them falling off...? =O

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...y7OHGCM#t=728s should take you to the time of the our 2end hero on Sha of fear.

    What i saw in my own ui yesterday was pretty much confirmed in our warlocks video, Shaman heroism gets casted a fraction of a sec after i casted timewarp, resulting in both of them getting negated and falling off. I am not sure if this is intented, but sure looks like a bug. And it is not the first time i have noticed this. The other times i thought it was just some UI bug or me failing with Alter Time.

    Any thoughts ?

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    Has happened to us several times, its really annoying. :<
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    only 1 person should cast it

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