Thread: Defias armour

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    will do that ty
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    Try posting it on the WoW Forums with some reasons for etc, I don't think posting a simple one liner will bring it back although I agree

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    Post it in that suggestion forum or something, on you know, the actual wow forums. Posting here really doesn't accomplish anything.

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    The OP edited their post so I'm not sure if he wanted defias armor for transmog or not. I did and trashed my old armor from years ago. I found that the scouting armor, boe greens, looks pretty close, that and cloaked shoulderpads I think they are called. I wanted a flat black leather set for my rogue. I know its not what most people transmog too but I'm not crazy about huge shoulderpads and always figured a rogue should look dark and agile, not glowy and spikey.

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