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    [Fire] Simming the AT + POM rotation

    Hi all,

    Looking at rotation code for simcraft, I noticed that it's not using our "optimal" ignite building.

    Currently, code lines are the following :

    actions+=/alter_time,if=buff.alter_time.down&buff.pyroblast.react&buff.rune_of_power.remains>6,movin g=0
    actions+=/pyroblast,if=buff.pyroblast.react&(cooldown.alter_time_activate.remains>4|buff.heating_up. react)

    I'm sure someone here could write a code line that would simulate the AT + POM "trick" to improve this tool.

    Also, code for casting !HS pyro only after casting a fireball might reflect the correct way a mage should be played.

    I'm asking it since I'm personnally not able to pull out such things.

    hope someone can!

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    I been trying to do that but I found after talking to some peopl there were/are some issues in version 5 or something.... they said they needed some time to fix them

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