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    A video guide is plenty as long as you didn't have any questions by the end of it. Raid research doesn't need to go too in depth because you learn most of it by attempting it yourself, even if that means 30 wipes on the same boss.

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    I always found this depressing. It's like making sure you have the cheat code for the boss.

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    Most of our guys watch the usuall guides available and a vid or two. Wht really peeves me is that no-one in my raid team has sense of raid CDs, every raid I have to be there with a pen and paper and sort out a cd rotation for x spell ability and god forbid if after spending an hour on a boss(at which point each raider should know when they're tranq or aura mastey will be used) I don't call the cd and its a wipe, recount is the worst addon invented when it comes to our raid, Tunnel Vision like fuck!

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    I: get a poor view from lfr, then watch the videos. The rest is experience.
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    I don't get it. I've gone AFK a million times to blow my bf so he'd get off my back and let me raid. What's the problem here? People have sex...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armwack View Post
    "moving out of this", "stacking up here" and basically over-simplfying the fight. "I dont understand why people are dying it's so easy" and yes I get it, moving out of the bad stuff is easy but i don't see that as being helpful or constructive especially when it's not beinig followed up by some sort of positive advice
    You know the classic generalisation that engineers can't teach since they don't know what others find hard, or don't understand why others find that hard? Same thing happens here, people who've played the game a lot don't look at a fight's colours/layout anymore they look for red circles to get out of and big flamey stuff to avoid. A good way of spotting those players is asking them to explain boss fight x, y or z using mechanics from other bosses. Once you're on a lvl that you can just say, yea p1 is like p3 from that guy and p2 is like p1 from another guy and p3 is just zerg, it really is "easy to move out of bad stuff".

    Now what i find to be enough research, know how to spec/gear for most dps/hps/tank. Now all mechanics of the fight (theory + movies if available) know what can help the raid where it's struggling by changing specs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armwack View Post
    I'm sorry let me rephrase that. I think icy-veins and fatboss are okay guides but there are class-specific mechanics that aren't included there that I was asking whether or not you guys felt would be necessary to know.

    For example, last night the rogues didn't know that if they shadow step garalon they'd kind of wipe us. Icy-veins isn't going to tell you how to rogue or how to warrior on a fight by fight basis.
    You don't need to know class specific mechanics. You need to know what the boss does and then you should know your class well enough to figure out what tools you have to deal with those mechanics.

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    Raiders should at least read the dungeon journal entries. It is really inexcusable to come into a night of raiding on a fresh boss, or even a boss that's been defeated before, and not know what impacts your role. It is right there in the game ffs.

    Watching videos and reading strategies is something we reserve when we are stuck on a boss. We only raid about 6-7 hours a week, less lately due to the hurricane in the northeast and some other factors. Now, that doesn't mean that the video or guide is gospel. Flexibility is great and I have found that some things that work for other groups don't work for us, and we adapt and perform better for it. We were short a healer this week and we managed to 2 heal all of MV, Vizier and Blade Lord. Actually, the blade lord attempt ended up technically being 2 healed in phase 2 as we lost our dps gone healer early on. That in fact forced us into a situation where we discovered cooldowns weren't being used as well as they should have been, etc. We improved...

    Anyway, back to the topic on hand: ignorance of basic fight mechanics is really no excuse for doing badly in a raid environment. This goes hand in hand with the raid leadership's ability to ensure everyone knows their role and responsibilities though. Pulling blindly without covering the danger points with each role equates to bad leadership.

    And in the end... sometimes we just do dumb stuff. If the rogue repeatedly shadowstepped the legs, then I could see getting upset about it. Everyone makes bonehead mistakes every so often, sometimes just out of habit or repetition that we get from non-raid environments.

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