Can anyone else working on this, or have killed it in EU confirm these?

There are a couple bugs with this encounter from what we can tell on 10 man.

1st - The Amber Globules are going through each other and not fading like they are supposed to. We have seen this happen multiple times on our P3 attempts.

2nd - Amber Globules will randomly switch targets. On Tank A, on Healer A, 1 sec later, on DPS A. 4 secs later, on DPS B. No reason for this. Also is it intentional it can target both tanks at the same time?

3rd - It can target the same person. We had both target one of the tanks and they wouldn't target anyone else even though we had 2 constructs and 6 others alive. So of course we received Ambergeddon because he couldn't dissipate the orbs himself.

We like the difficulty, we hate the bugs. Actually at this point leaning a bit towards overtuning for 10 man, but it could be because we had so many wipes to the above in P3 it isn't funny where there should have been kills that I am frustrated.

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Guess not?