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    Another Elagon thread, 10m Normal

    Hey guys, some logs for ya.


    This was our best attempt on him last week and i'd liek to get the kill this week so Im looking for pointers.

    Some things we need to fix.
    -people are still taking damage to simple mechanics, when we're dps'n the pillars people are getting hit with the blue circles.
    -Tanks are getting over run when we fail at down pillars properly. We had some good runs with this so I know we have it down but there is still room for improvement.
    -Overall I think our dps is high enough to get the kill, at under 1% we were close.
    -Most of our attempts we pushed two protectors then 85%, killed 4 orbs both times the orbs came out. If we missed we ususally just wiped it up.
    -Final phase is kicking our junk.

    Final phase - should we be dropping our stacks? I think so but others feel like we shouldnt since other guilds can stack/brun so we should be able to. Anyone have any pointers as to why we should drop the stacks over stacking/burning?

    I know our biggest problem is people playing like shit. We have people hitting the wrong orbs, standing in fire, not droping stacks properly. I know you guys can't fix that but Im hoping you can find some room for improvement based on our logs.

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    DPS looks fine for a first time normal kill. Plus, you're two healing it which is what I'd suggest, making the enrage a non-issue.

    You need your entire raid to avoid the blue circles. That's just a matter of practice and beating it through thick skulls.

    Pillars need to go down as fast as possible and are almost as important as the orb phase. Make sure to assign pillars with raid makers and make sure everyone is responsible for their own pillars. If you have a low dps or two having specific problems getting their pillars down, assign tanks to those pillars to help push phase 3 faster.

    Phase 3- absolutely group up. Save heroism, AOE adds on platform, then dps the boss. Once raid is stacked, blow all healer cds to get the raid topped off. Once they are topped off, I think your healers will find that the healing requirement is very manageable after the transition, assuming your damage stays relatively high.

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    From what you described and from the logs it really looks like your problem is, as you said people not playing well enough. Unfortunately, this is much harder to fix than wrong rotations.

    How experienced are your raiders? How long has the guild been raiding together? All you might need to do is to get more experience and learn to play as a team, the only way to do that, sadly is to wipe more.

    If some people continue to have problems with avoiding things, get them to train avoiding in less stressful situations - heroics, or even say, the ring of steel in Vale.

    Btw tell your mages to :
    a) Get rid of incanters absorption and use invocation on this fight and actually use the talent (they used it 14 and 9 tries respectively over 14 tries, which is quite frankly terrible for 25 sec cd talent)
    b) Get better bomb uptime, 67% is not that bad, but it could be improved
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    Thanks guys,

    6 of us have been raiding since BWD/BOT/TOT4W. The other raiders came from our alt runs last expansion. We do have some varying skill levels. Most of our struggles are from the newer raiders, considering its their first real progression raid its understandable that they're struggling. They're used to doing ALT runs where half of our core group would come in and face roll content after we got it on farm mode.

    Appreciate the feedback!

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    It's *Elegon*, not *Elagon*

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    Kinda nit-picky, but your not getting the mileage out of stormlash totem you could. Ideally, your shaman would drop it sequentially in the final phase during hero. Sometimes I see 1 in final phase, sometimes none. Didn't see 2 in any attempt (didn't look at all of them). If you are experiencing 1% wipes, that may help.

    I'm also not seeing any casts of the warrior's skull banner.

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    Last phase is all about transition, tank with less adds takes the boss (we call it on vent, I have 2, you have 4 i got him), stack adds and Aoe, we use the Bethtilac positioning, MT on one side (say 6 o'clock), raid on his tail (say 3 o'clock) and OT at 12 o'clock, that way raid doesn't eat breath on transition. We only have the tanks drop stacks, rest of raid groups up for aoe heals, time warp and burn. Your dps is better than ours, we only kill 3 waves let 4th go, so we only have 8 stacks on him, with 10 you should be destroying him.

    If someone eats a swirl, tell them they suck and do better. As tank on one side I watch the 3 pillars as I dps the middle one, i will call a dps switch so they go down evenly. Get pillars down at same time, tanks control the adds, no eat swirls you bad, get the transition without raid eating a frontal cone, stack and aoe = win.

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    Are you getting the pillars down close to simultaneously? If you have 2 particularly strong dps on, say, the back left and the front right then those might be going down long before the other 4, which speeds up Elegon's casting speed and means more adds for your tank to deal with going in to the last phase. Fewer adds = fewer problems. Are your tanks assigned to help the weakest/most random dps on each side? Do they know to swap pillars if their pillar is going down faster than the others?

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