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    Relic of Niuzao

    So I have the 489 Trash trinket from MSV, the 476 Agi trinket from Elegon and both of the 463 Tanking trinkets.

    So what im asking would it be worth it to use this trinket? Im currently 5/6 in MSV normal mode and will not be raiding for 1-2 weeks so here is my armory tell me if it is worth it to save the trinket for this character or use it for another im currently 6/8 for the deck.

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    Unless you plan on doing heroic modes, I wouldn't get it. I have it along with the Shado Pan one and I rarely use either. The sale value isn't great on it either though.

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    long story short it's just bad.

    If you have a DK its good for DK tanks, otherwise I wouldnt use it at all in a 10m. In a 25m the stam buffer can be more useful but that depends on your healing team as well.

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    Alright thanks for the advice going to put it on an alt

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