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    [Guardian] What stat to focus : Stam/Mastery/Dodge

    Hi allz,

    I'm currently in kind of a dilemma. What stat should I focus as for survival ?

    Armory if that helps, even if the post is more metaphysics :
    (I hope I won't be in PvP gear)

    Basically, I went for 7.5% hit/exp which I have now (with heavy reforge, and 2 gems), and I'm now wondering what I should go for in terms of defensive stats.

    As for the background, I'm "semi-casual", in a 12 members guild, we're raiding 10N for now. Should I stack mastery/stam/dodge. Right now we're progressing on Imp. Vizier Zor'lok and Garajal (both are a question of minutes to kill). I don't have the impression that whatever stat I can reforge/gem for it'll change anything really, we never wipe because of tank death, and healers never go oom on us.

    Still, I'd like some opinions. Because, as for the bosses we already killed/are trying on (Stone guardians, Feng, Zorlok and Garajal), I'm observing the same thing : Most of the "big" damage is magical/bleed, thus dodge and mastery suck. So for now I go stam.
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    Crit would give you more rage for Frenzied Regen. I think that would end up giving you more total health over a fight than stamina.

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    I value Crit higher than the ones you mentioned. My FR is very reliable with it. Sure, makes me a bit more spikey, but it's a valuable tradeoff.
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    I like to use askmrrobot.com as a guide to where to reforge stats. They seem to keep up with the theorycrafting, and... well... I'm lazy.

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    As luck would have it, this Q has already been answered several times over.


    PS: the "search" function isn't just for looks.

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    After hit cap and exp soft cap crit is our best survivability stat. Of couse if your exp is over the soft cap that's alright too.

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