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    Character won't release spirit.

    Ok guys, so I posted this on the official forums THRICE over 3 days, and still no replies, so I turned here to see what to do.

    Ok so this has been going on since 11am YESTERDAY.

    I wen't into Gate of the Setting sun with my beta main (a Monk) who I have about 3 months of beta played time clocked in, and I wanted to explore, and since I'm a tank I'd thought I'd be fine with Guard up. I ran into the first boss room not know it was a boss room cuz It was right at the beginning, and the door closed behind me and the boss killed me. Not a problem right? Wrong. One of the Setting Sun Shado-pan NPCs ran in with me as well when I aggro'd half the beginning of the instance. Now he's attacking the boss and since NPC HP doesn;t got down past 90% to make it look like they're "fighting", I can't release cuz of the new "can't release until everyone's dead".

    Yes I've tried logging in and out. I've been stuck for almost a full day. And auto-unstuck isn't working either.

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