View Poll Results: What are your non-playable races?

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  • Human

    88 18.33%
  • Dwarf

    123 25.63%
  • Gnome

    182 37.92%
  • Night Elf

    76 15.83%
  • Dranei

    91 18.96%
  • Worgen

    94 19.58%
  • Orc

    72 15.00%
  • Troll

    87 18.13%
  • Tauren

    107 22.29%
  • Undead

    82 17.08%
  • Blood Elf

    73 15.21%
  • Goblin

    124 25.83%
  • Pandaren

    90 18.75%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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  1. #101
    Tauren, Night elf, blood elf, and dranei male.

  2. #102
    Gnome. They're annoying as fuck. Their dance makes me want to punch them in face, and their ugly big heads with weird beards makes them look like a shiny turd.

  3. #103
    Dreadlord Traknel's Avatar
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    I only voted for Troll and Undead, because I refuse to even recognize that Worgen exist. You couldn't pay me enough to level a Worgen.
    I'd really like to get my Special Snowflake Feat of Strength now. Just because I'm special. - Scummer

  4. #104
    Don't get all the troll hate. Out of all the races (Horde, that is), a troll seemed best suited for a hunter. Crouching from time to time, sniffing tracks or w/e. Their story is pretty much awesome, as well.

    I cannot play pandas, gnomes or goblins. Pandas - I hate them passionately, the other two I hate because I just can't get myself to play runts.

  5. #105
    I could play either, but I prefel belfs and draeneis if class choice is available.

  6. #106
    I avoid any race that is overpopulated, namely Humans for Alliance and Belves for Horde.
    I generally choose race mostly by aesthetics and animation (2H swing and casting animations are most important, since that is what I'm going to see 99% of the time when not idle).
    I don't like races without shoes, especially for plate classes (so worgen and trolls are the biggest offenders; tauren, draenei, undead and pandaren are tolerable)

    My favorite races for Alliance: dwarves, gnomes, nightelves.
    My favorite races for Horde: undead, tauren, goblins.

  7. #107
    Can't be tauren. They get stuck on everything.

  8. #108
    Humans and both elves. Humans for awful animations and crappy, boring visuals. Elves for obvious reasons.
    For playing I prefer Draenei females in Alliance/Undead males+orc females in Horde.
    Pandarens are nice too, both genders. Just don't get it, why the red female gets the tail, and others don't.

  9. #109
    Tauren. They just annoy me. Silly cows.

    Mainly make human. Horde Characters Blood Elf or Goblin. Goblins are awesome.

  10. #110
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    Dwarfs for me, they're just overweight gnomes imo. Gnomes are cut, dwarfs are fugly

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  11. #111
    Pandaren, they look far too dopey for my liking.
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    Jokes aside, i can't bring myself to play a gnome.

    I had a gnome warlock as alt back in Vanilla, reached level 45 (Bit more work back then :P ), and couldn't stand the whole gnome style anymore, the animations, the noises, i re-rolled that alt as a human (No race-change then either >_< ) and never looked back...

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    Orcs. Males, hunchback, ugly, bad animations, ugly models, everything. I have never ever played one, except 2 quests in the starting zone, which after I decided I would never touch that race again.
    Females.... Don't even get me started. Would never make one.

    Male dwarfs, Same thing, ugly as f'ck, bad animations, ugly, ugly, ugly. And their running animation is just too much.
    Female dwarfs, we all know "why?" already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaostiger View Post
    Can't be tauren. They get stuck on everything.
    This is so true. And I just rolled a new tauren druid, something I regret greatly.

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    Human and Gnome, Humans because why would you play something so dull in a fantasy game, and gnomes, because, well, they're gnomes =p also male nightelves =p

  15. #115
    Gnomes hands down, all the mechanical genius of goblins and more, but instead of being like an al bhed with a height problem they are a borderlands reject.

    Seriously, they are worse because they have potential as the oil stained, stache singed technical savants and instead are the "zany" class.

    Nobody likes zany besides people trying to be 'zany' and coming off mentally unwell.

  16. #116
    Gnomes, Dorfs and Tauren. I just can't stand any of those. Also your wrong spelling of Draenei is annoying me slightly.

  17. #117
    taurens, they are fat big and ugly.

  18. #118
    dont like the big heads & armor distortion on gnomes and goblins.

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