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    looking for tips to increase dps

    Hi fellow warriors,

    First of all, sorry for my writing ... i am not english. I wrote this the best i could. Hope you will understand
    my armory : eu.battle.net/wow/fr/character/krasus/Sarosnar/advanced (not allowed to post links yet ...)

    i usually just sit an watch what's going on this forum. I learned a lot from some threads. Thank you for that !
    Now it's my turn to ask some question.

    1. Heroic Leap is 30 sc cd with glyph and CS is 20 sc cd. Is it worth it to delay Heroic Leap to stack it with CS ? Or just Heroic leap when enraged and CS not available ? (I do not use it when i am not enraged or when CS is not on the target)

    2. Imagine you press BT, it crit AND you got blodsurge proc (CS not available before 15 sc). Is it better to:
    - use WS*3 and wait next BT (crit or not) to press RB. Then press RB + WW (i'm TG) or RB + RB.
    I think enraged fade just after we press RB (assuming 2nd BT did not crit). Is it exact ?
    - Use RB + WS(proc)*2 (delaying BT 0.5 sc)
    - Use RB + WS(proc) (won't delay BT and WS cost only 10 rage)
    - Use RB + WW (for fury)

    3. For prepull : I find out on this forum some days ago about the 2part T12 stuff giving 10% dps.
    Thinking ahead i thought about using a mastery heavy prepull stuff alongside the 2part T12. Fury mastery is about getting more dammage while enraged. If prepull i use Berzerker Rage to get enraged with a mastery stuff, will i keep the increase dammage of the mastery stuff or when i will swap stuff back to normal i will loose the "increased prepull enraged state" ?

    Thanks in advance for you comments

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    1. If you do it right, there is not much of a delay at all, but yes.

    2. I do what you said. If I have 1 RB and Bloodsurge after a bloodthirst, I'll burn out the bloodsurge. I try to reserve raging blows for back to back when the opportunity presents itself. It's superior, rage for rage, then a non-bloodsurge Wild Strike.

    I also dislike clipping crucial abilities or wasting procs. I find it gives me more flexibility.

    3. The buff is the buff.

    You will get enraged for whatever the mastery value of that set is. Obviously you wouldn't DPS in a set that is designed for that specific purpose as you are probably forgoing oodles of Crit and Hit/Exp caps.
    You'd have to switch back to your main set, in which you'll get enraged for that specific set's mastery value.

    It's rather negligible to have an extra 5 percent dps (at most) for 4-5 seconds of a fight. In a normal 450 second encounter, you increased your dps by approximately 0.05 percent.

    An extra 5 percent is rather nice in execute phase, but that is unrealistic due to not being able to swap sets in combat.

    It's a waste of time to pursue that avenue. Gone are the days of mastery stacked Ultraxion fury warriors.
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