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    Mods that guestimate equipped Ilvl increase from potential upgrades ?

    Pretty much looking for a mod that will show the equipped ilvl boost of potential upgrades before I buy and equip them.
    For example if my average ilvl is 458 I want to know just how much my characters equipped ilvl will increase by swapping out a 440 item with a 478.

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    Well, there are 16 equipment slots (including both hands - a two-hander, I believe, simply counts as both a main hand and off-hand, so just counts double) so your ilevel average should increase by (Difference/16). I may be wrong about two-handers, however, in which case you just divide by 15 if you're using a two-hander, which slightly changes things.

    So going from 440 to 478 would be an increase of 38 ilevels on that specific piece, and 38/16 is 2.375 so you'll go up two ilevels - possibly 3, but you'd have to calculate yourself what your precise itemlevel average is without rounding to be sure of that.

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