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    well tbh i was always jealous - girls or women were treated much friendlier...
    and they were granted more room for mistakes...

    I remember well, I was in a 10man... a guy and a girl used their ID for another raid - and the guy got kicked, the girl not...

    So I always feel at disadvantage and I feel I need to do much more to get the same amount of aknowledgement

    well I solved the problem quite easily... I never talked in vent and told everyone im a girl... (vent was obligatory, but not for privileged girls apparently)

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    Quote Originally Posted by linbro View Post
    I can only recall one female player that's been above average in the different guilds I've been in. This could obviously be because we get very few female players applying while the amount of good players out of the bad is pretty small meaning the chances of a good female player applying is very low.

    Therefore I assume all female players I encounter are worse than their male counterparts.
    Yes because the couple hundred (at max) people applying can be statistically relevant to 8 million + players. Bad assumption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amalisa View Post
    (Right well you asked for it.)

    24? You call that a lot?

    All of my characters (played every classs) have minimum 36 bindings. And I don't consider that a lot because there's always a few silly things not keybound (esp on less played alts).

    Either way it isn't about quantity, it is about keybinding the right way (which is also quite personal) and keybinding the right spells.

    I noticed in your screenshot your innervate, tranq, and pot are not bound. GG. Not. Those are 100% abilities I'd bind instead of click. ALL my characters have pot keybound on every spec. Buff (MOTW) too. Someone died? Rebuff. As a boomkin you're traditionally one to buff since for the resto it costs mana and the ferals need to shapeshift or are tanking. OK, in 25m this is less relevant than 10m and we also got monks and paladins but if everyone has the mindset of "oh, someone else will buff" then the ressed person will never get buffed up again. Pot, sure, you can pre-pot by clicking (tho why make it so hard for yourself), but potting mid-fight by clicking is plain stupid. Same with innervate. What you're doing is moving your mouse to the target on raid frame to click and then moving your mouse to innervate. Have fun doing that in sequence on movement. Me on my druid (lolalt) just hovers over target with mouse on raid frame and then keybind (OK, Naga mousebind to be fair). Tranq? Often a panic tranq or one in reply to request on (v)chat or is quick decision. It isn't always planned. I couldn't find berserking and symbiosis on your bars either but thats probably my mistake. And I noticed typhoon doesn't have a keybind either. You'll want to keybind that for (world) PvP, Feng HC, heck I'd use that all the time during questing. Same with Remove Corruption for solo and PvP. I'm also missing one mushroom spell. Shapeshifting you also apparently don't have bound.

    So in short you could do a better job with keybinding, but I can't tell how much exactly this affects your performance. For LFR I'd say your keybinds are more than adequate, but for N and HC I wouldn't want you.

    PS: While interfaces etc are personal seriously do yourself a favor and get a DoT tracker. You also apparently need 2 eclipse bars (???).
    "When i am done with you, you won't trust your own mind."

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolalola View Post
    (Right well you asked for it.)

    24? You call that a lot?
    To be fair, most people should use conditional macros, meaning you'll have about 3 or more abilites per button. I.e. 1, alt-1, shift-1, ctrl-1. etc etc. So you might not even know half of the abilities that are keybound just by looking at it.

    Not to mention there may be Clique bindings on unitframes for a lot of things.

    You can only assume so much by looking at a screenshot.
    I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like more than half of you more than you deserve.

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    Usually the girls who end up talking too much in raids end up being really good raiders. The ones who don't talk as much aren't as good. I have only come across 1 bad female raider yet and because of this I generally assume that they are pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirque View Post
    Hi guys!

    So here's the scenario. You join a pug for any random raid (or you invite a random dude to cap your conquest, or whatever). You join Vent and.. Find out that one of your pugs is actually female!

    Be honest! What would you think?
    Uhm - nothing?..
    Quote Originally Posted by Rassium View Post
    I like General Off-Topic. It's really cool to see people with My Little Pony avatars advocating for genocide.

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    People still use vent?

    That shits like 10 years old.

    Use mumble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirque View Post
    As for me I'll be totally honest --- whenever I hear someone's female I'm gonna get annoyed. I don't like female voices, and my experiences with most girls is really bad. Sure, there's been exceptions!

    To make matters worse, I'm a girl myself, which makes me a hypocrite. As a result of the above however I make sure I shut my traphole when I'm in pugs to not annoy others. Which is also the reason for this topic, to see if it's really "this bad" when it comes to girls and their reputation or if I should proceed with being quiet in my corner!

    wait a minute................



    Ok, awkard.

    Moving on.

    I myself don't even see why this must be a question, the old stereotype that only boys play videogames is very outdated, almost as outdated as "only boys use skateboards" and "only girls know how to cook". I'm female, though it never comes up neither in raid distribution, nor in assessment of skills. I'm valued as a tank, and can perform above average as DPS, and that's more than enough for me.

    Por que odiar si amar es mas dulce? (*^_^*)

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    Not gonna lie I will flirt. Although I'm a single 18 year old lol so... that would probably explain why. I dunno for some reason WoW girls are just instantly more attractive to me >.> at least in a flirtatious way. Other than that nothing serious. I probably end up treating them better than I would other guys lol. When I see a girl that sucks I just think "Oh well. She's a girl she probably has better things to do than this silly game." For some reason with guys it's the opposite haha.

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    Stop everything else and start furiously fapping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose19 View Post
    Stop everything else and start furiously fapping.
    Make sure you hold down your talk bind so she can hear you.

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    Continue with life, assuming that every single player in a pug is terrible until they prove otherwise, whether male or female.

    As a bisexual, pretty much everyone I see fits into the vague category of "gender that I could be attracted to" but I don't run around fondling myself and drooling whenever I see another human. (To be fair, I am attracted to almost no one.) I already have a boyfriend anyways, and have no desire to have another, or also have a girlfriend. Too much work!

    I'm annoyed if they're trying to be like "oh I am a girl, give me things" but to be honest I have only seen that once and it was actually in a guild. That shit don't work in pugs. I'm also annoyed if any of the other players in the group make a big deal out of it. Who cares? She probably lives halfway across the country (or world) from you, she doesn't want to see your pee-pee, she may be 10, 55, or already have a boyfriend or husband that she plays with, and she just wants to get some damn purples. Just like you. So, move on with your life.

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    Alright, that's enough for now. The topic title was worded quite badly anyway (it's dehumanizing).

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