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    Mines better! Shoo quiks <3

    Serious though, don't make a new thread use http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...Raiding-Videos instead

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    Two questions:
    1, Why are you tauren and
    2, Why are you TG?

    Ps. Epic move, epic fight, cant wait to try it out myself!
    Bang bang

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    Mind posting the soundtrack? I love the score

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    TG is better AoE so he can burn down those adds fast enough. If you don't have the DPS for it you are screwed. Also I'm guessing his War Stomp helps stun the adds (if they are stunnable).
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    I am TG because we don't have SMF weapons drop for us. (The only 1hers we've seen besides the one on this kill was coined by our MT)
    I am tauren because I look fucking sexy.

    The tracks are pretty much random two steps from hell songs.
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    That first song is amazing

    Great vid, thanks for sharing :3

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