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    If you were to make a guild....

    What would you call it?

    Get creative.. Because I seriously can not come up with anything original.

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    How can you not create a guild name? You have the entirety of language at your disposal...
    'Lord Sargeras, sweep your molten fist through this world, so that it may be reborn in flames and darkness!'
    'So the light's vaunted justice has finally arrived.'
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ehahhaeueahe View Post
    What would you call it?

    Get creative.. Because I seriously can not come up with anything original.
    So in other words, your looking for assistance in coming up with a name for your new guild?

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    I've always been a fan of the one word guild names, usually an abstract word. <Wraith> <Ensidia> <method> <Refuge>
    <carried> US-Alliance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sareth View Post
    How can you not create a guild name? You have the entirety of language at your disposal...
    Came up with <sorecers of slytherin> - to match it with my DK called Arthasdk or my hunter called Legolasdk - But I'm afraid I'd get tired of it too soon.

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    First thing - what is your guild about? Raiding? PvP? Casual? Leveling? Collectors? Little bit of everything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ehahhaeueahe View Post
    Get creative.. Because I seriously can not come up with anything original.
    If you take any names from this thread it will not be 'Original' either. Just get together with the people you are forming the guild with and have a good time. Something will pop up.

    <The Hard R> and <Set Course for Pie> are two guild names I have thought of with friends and they were both formed from inside jokes.

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    Gnomeland Security
    Rollin With My Gnomies
    and two stealthed Rogues
    spent last night in Goldshire
    wipes raids
    streaks through Stormwind (or Org for horde guild)
    is Epically Lost
    Dances with Worgen

    Death or Dishonor
    Supreme Defense
    For Honor and Glory
    Stormwind's Finest
    Orgrimmar's Legends

    LATIN: - using Google Translate
    Potentia et Ui (Power and Force)
    Mundus Elite (mundus meaning world)
    Vocate ad Gloria (Call to Glory)
    Mors Antequam Honorantibus (Death Before Dishonor)

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    It was a suitemate's idea, a joke on League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
    "Oh, who does my hair? You might have heard of my stylist. It's called the Void!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by GnomercyBeastmaster View Post
    Gnomeland Security
    Lol i laughed so hard

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    If you are a raiding type guild, shorter 1 to 2 word guild names seem to be the most common i.e Paradox/Requiem/Sovereign Might. PVP guilds tend to have more fun with their names i.e Class Trainer/Sapping and Tapping/Hardcore Pwnstars (be careful with the last, it can get reported for rename.)

    And for Pete's sake, don't use a Latin name, nothing more annoying than seeing someone in the guild, and asking them what their guild name means and their response is "". While the core of your group may understand it, as you expand it is inevitable to get a guildie who has no idea what the name means.
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    A no longer playing buddy of mine ran one called "So Say We All". I'd probably just borrow that.
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    im twelve what is this

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    Super Cool Shadow Ninja Viper Kings from Hell
    Intruders. Since mobs are fond of calling everyone interlopers or intruders.
    Latin Words

    Please do not list guild names that are offensive - ML
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    Honestly? If you already have a group of people to form it with and aren't just gong to petition strangers until you find enough, then I'd poll them on the "mood" and then "theme" of the guild.

    If it's fun, go with a pun name or a reference. ("Blue Box Companions", "Undercuts by One Copper", "Twenty Percent Cooler") If it's a raiding guild looking to hop on the bandwagon of "Let's be like the top guilds" then take their name and find a synonym. ("Plasma Legion", "Exemplar", "Somatic Event") If it's going to be a big PVP guild you can go a lot of ways depending on the attitude involved. ("Gank Me We Camp You", "Buncha Rogues", "BG Disaster", "Arena Mismatch", "Trench Warcraft")

    It's all about finding what defines the guild and the people within. Or just taking the name of another guild on a different server and pretending you didn't do it.
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    Im a fan of <Ominus Latin Name>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivyr View Post
    Im a fan of <Ominus Latin Name>
    Always loved <Pretentious Latin Name>
    Me sorry. Not do bad again, honest. :<

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