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    Well, what is your verdict?

    I quit just before MOP after 7 years of continuous play. Those that are currently playing, what is your verdict on the game at the moment? Seems like a good time to get a pulse on the game as it has been out some time now.

    If you want to comment on the following (just copy/paste and give score of between 1-10):

    Levelling 85-90 :



    LFR :


    Final score:

    Depending on response, I may compile data and edit my original post with the info.

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    Levelling 85-90: 9/10

    PvP: 0/10

    Dailies/grinding: 2/10

    LFR: ?? entirely depends on who you group with

    Raiding: ?? entirely depends on who you group with

    Final score: 7/10

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    I quit during cata and mop pushed me even further away from wow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by killidan View Post
    I quit during cata and mop pushed me even further away from wow.
    Same here :/

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    Levelling 85-90 : 8/10

    PvP: 0/10

    Dailies/grinding: 5/10

    LFR : 7/10

    Raiding: 8/10

    Final score: 8/10

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    Levelling 85-90 :
    Sure there's a lot of "Go kill this" quests, but overall I enjoyed the leveling experience much more than I did in any of the previous expansions.

    Can't answer this as I have yet to even touch PVP.

    There's a ton of dailies this time around. A lot of grinding is required to get exalted with the various factions.
    At first they all seem interesting, but it is really overwhelming. I think I counted something like 35+ dailies a day in the beginning.

    LFR :
    LFR is LFR. The system works the way it's supposed to, and with the new loot system is seems a lot easier to gain gear. I personally love it.

    I've sadly had to step down as a raider, as I've gotten to the point in my life where I no longer have the time to raid. So the only score I can give you, is if I were to just give the raids and mechanics a score. In which case, a solid 7 if not an 8 just because they beat the shit out of DS.

    Final score
    From the content I've experienced, I'll give MoP a solid 8.
    It's new, it's enjoyable if you don't rush through all the content and just take your time to enjoy it.

    Thanks to Elyaan for the great sig!

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    Levelling 85-90 : 8/10 - some neat quests and some nice cut scenes. Overall though - still the same old quests (kill this/gather that)

    PvP: N/A

    Dailies/grinding: 9/10 - plenty of dailies/grinding to do if you like that kind of stuff. If not, you don't have to.

    LFR : 9/10 - Tons of fun imho. Very easy to get geared up for it, and the runs are quick. In addition, you can learn strats from it if you want. However, as always with LFR, if you screw up strats, the impact is minimal.

    Raiding: 9/10 - I'm loving raiding this tier. Some great mechanics and interesting boss fights imho.

    Final score: 9/10

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    leveling 85-90: 9/10

    PvP: dont do it much but probably 6/10?

    Dailies: A lot of people hate these, but its pretty fun to play casual and get on to do "some" of your dailies to push towards cool mounts.

    LFR: Its pretty cool. I don't raid hardcore anymore like i did in tbc but lfr lets me see content and new lore.

    Raiding: i haven't raided too much, so i cant really say. But 13 bosses is nothing to complain about.

    Final score: 8/10 Wayyyy better then cata, maybe on par with WOTLK (besides the lore)
    "BC was a hot chick that took alot of work but was rewarding in the end, Cata is the drunk chick that supplied similar results with less effort." -couldnt have said it better.

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    Leveling 85-90: Amazing. Best leveling in WoW so far. 10/10

    PvP: I don't PvP very much, i didn't even tried new battlegrounds so i can't say nothing about it.

    Dailies/Grinding: If you played hardcore in Vanilla or TBC, this is nothing. If you have one main character like me, then it isn't problem. I already finished my dailies on warlock, it isn't even 2 months form release, so it's easy. 9/10

    LFR: It's easy. I acutally like LFR, not only because of "free" gear, but also some people that i know, who've raided hardcore in past expansions are glad that they can at least try the raid. 9/10

    Raiding: New raids are good, mechanics are quite interesting. It seems that there isn't some super-hard boss, but i'm still waiting on Sha of Fear HC. Otherwise, i have 6/6 HC in MGV, 4/6 HC in HoF and 4/4 N ToES. Bosses are nice, they aren't overtuned, some of them seems a bit undertunded (Wind Lord and Blade Lord in HoF) and ToES normal was a bit easy. But i enjoy raiding in MoP so far. 9/10

    Final Score: 9,5/10 I like MoP, i play WoW since Vanilla and i liked every other expansion (yeah, even Cataclysm). There are things that could've been done better (Scenarios, Valley of Eternal Blossoms and other "minor" things like this).
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    Levelling 85-90 : Great fun, but depending on your class/spec you might find you're dying quite a bit more than earlier levels. 9/10

    PvP: I don't pvp much normally, and nothing thus far in mop, no time. n/a

    Dailies/grinding: I generally enjoy it, but they could adjust the rep/vp gains a little, you do spend a lot of time regardless of how you choose to do it if you try to cap every week. 6/10

    LFR : Eh, as it's always been. No worse or better than before, tho I do like the new roll system. 5/10

    Raiding: Bosses are challenging and generally sensible. Some few more randoms out there, 8/10

    Final score: 9/10 - Odds and ends to tweak, but overall very enjoyable, and finally it feels like there is end content to do

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    Levelling 85-90 : 9

    PvP: 1

    Dailies/grinding: 7

    LFR : 8

    Raiding: N/A

    Playing alts / Monk / Just having fun in the game: 10

    Final score: 9

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    Quote Originally Posted by nachoo View Post
    There are 18 bosses :P

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    Levelling 85-90: 8/10

    PVP: ?/10 (sorry i don't do PVP)

    LFR: 8/10 (it depends who you raid with)

    raiding: 9/10 (i find these raids pretty cool)

    Final score: 8/10

    May i ask, how does the final score ends in 8/10 for you guys... if you give PVP 0/10, that will take the final score 7 or less

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    Levelling 85-90 : 9. I liked the story with Dread Wastes but there was no actual concise ending, and it felt like it just took way too long to level there.

    PvP: 7. I've never been super into PVP but FUCK WARRIORS.

    Dailies/grinding: 10. Because I don't mind it and they're optional. They were installed to be an optional source of gear and valor, and so I don't have to do them. They're fun though when I wanna go and quest.

    LFR : 8. The people in it for such..semi complex fights is like dealing with a dog with ADD.

    Raiding: 10. I've never had this much fun raiding since Wrath. The fights have actually insanely interesting mechanics and the layout for the raids themselves are astoundingly detailed.

    Final score: 9. I love the expansion, aside form my small little gripes it's fucking awesome.
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    Most of the things in pandaria feel forced into WoW. They even forced an Algalon type boss in one of the raid instances with some loose reference as to how he was "captured" (by some lesser race) and used to their advantage, just so they could bring in the Titans in the pandaria storyline.

    It was an insult to everything Ulduar built up on the Titans honestly.

    However, the game itself feels fun and new. It doesn't feel like Warcraft, I repeat, it doesn't feel like Warcraft, it feels like something completely different.

    Is that something else enjoyable? Yes

    Would a Wacraft 1,2, 3 player who has never played WoW enter this game and have a seizure? Yes

    You can enjoy this game without a doubt, just don't enter it having any previous Warcraft expectations.

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    Levelling 85-90 : Eh. This is largely subjective imo. If you liked leveling in other expansions, you'll like it in MoP. It didn't get worse at all.

    There were actually a couple of cool improvements. There are more rare spawns. Killing them nets you a lot of exp and a blue or a bag of crafting mats. There are also ground spawns that you can loot that either give you exp and sell well or are BoA weapons.


    PvP: I don't PvP that much. I do arenas each week to cap for gear, though. I do like the gear changes. PvP stats (resilience and power) do not affect item level now. The bottom line is that PvP gear is good in PvE (until you get better PvE drops), but PvE gear, even though higher ilvl, doesn't compete with PvP gear.

    It is a while before you can get a PvP weapon since they didn't include honor weapons, but they recently raised the arena/random bg cap to 1800, which makes for quick gearing.


    Dailies/grinding: The grinds really aren't that bad, but since they removed the 25 per day cap, people were overdoing it and getting burnt out. Also, they made one reputation a prerequisite to 2 other reps, so that made those feel mandatory even if you didn't need the rewards.

    Basically, it's an all-you-can-eat buffet, and people are complaining because they're getting too full.

    If you plan out your gear upgrades, you can do a reasonable number of dailies a week and not overdo it. However, if you're the type of person who doesn't like dailies but wants certain rewards, you're out of luck.

    That being said, although they made options for earning valor diverse, they really nerfed how much you get from raiding. If you clear every boss in the first tier, you only get 400 out of 1k valor for the week. It's kind of annoying to have to run scenarios, dungeons, or dailies you don't need any more just to cap valor. Challenge modes can be a fun, fast way to get the rest, but you need a good group to get them done.


    LFR : I have always hated running LFR. I am glad the option is in the game, and if there is an upgrade I run it, but it's not very fun. That said, it's about the same as it was in DS. None of the fights are hard, but with enough mouth breathers, they can become so. Some of the fights aren't idiot proof.


    Raiding: This is why I play the game, and I'm not disappointed with this tier. On some of the stuff, they erred on the side of overtuning it (to the point that world first groups were wiping on normal), which is refreshing after all the whiners (who didn't get 8/8 heroic before the nerfs came in) complaining about how easy the game was. I enjoy the encounters, the diversity, etc. Loving every raid night.


    Final score: Although it's not perfect, it's close enough in the aspects that matter to me for me to give it an 8 or a 9.

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    Levelling 85-90 : 8.5/10 really enjoyed most of the quest, some where slighty boreing, or to difficult for a clothie as u pull one mob and get about 8 things attacking u...{such slow lvling as a disc priest in dread waste}

    PvP: 5/10 sadly i love pvp but as always doesnt seem like theres anything "new" here expet the change to pvp gear

    Dailies/grinding: 4/10 despite me hateing to do dailies i see why the massive dailies/grind was implemented as u now have to earn ur gear not just win it. however it makes this x-pc not very alt friendly

    LFR :6/10 easy and quick to clear but the new loot system is horrible...iv only won 2 things from it and one of em is useless cause the boots from She are better.

    Raiding: 8/10 just gonna leave it at that

    Final score: 7.5/10 i love my alts but sadly get no time to work on em due to massive dailies...

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxilian View Post
    May i ask, how does the final score ends in 8/10 for you guys... if you give PVP 0/10, that will take the final score 7 or less
    Because there are things he didn't list, but that are still considered in the final score. Such as rare mobs, visual design, new mob races, 5-man dungeons and much more stuff etc.

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    Levelling 85-90 : 8 really enjoyed it, beautiful continent... but alot of kill x quests

    PvP: 0 just terrible: bots; stunfest; total imbalance - really really bad

    Dailies/grinding:4: oh lord I felt like a minimum wage worker

    LFR : 8: fun

    Raiding: n/a first expansion my guildies didn't come back on masse: they say expansion "too childish" we are all 30+ now

    Final score: 6/10

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    Levelling 85-90 : 10/10 - The new content is amazing

    PvP: 0/10 - Always hated PvP and I hear it is completely bot ridden and unballanced, so no biggie for me

    Dailies/grinding: 10/10 - I love that I can get out in the world for a few hours, make some money and earn some rep

    LFR : 8/10 - Cute feature, but I prefer to run with guildies in premade core teams

    Raiding: 9/10 - Much better than the trash that was Cataclysm

    Final score: 9/10 - I love this game and can't wait to see where it takes me next!

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