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    New bandwagon to whine on?

    Hello all, Lately I have noticed this new trend of people picking apart the druid class and whining about literally every little thing about the class, It's abilitys, It's perks and It's flightform.

    Does anyone know where this started and why?

    Here is an official WoW fourms thread about it


    And here is one on this very site, A few days old.


    Where is all this hate for druids coming from? And this is just about the flight form, I will not even go into the whole "Druids need -this- nerfed" and "Druids need -that- nerfed" etc and so on.

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    Its not a new trend. People complain about every thing in every class.

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    I wouldn't call two threads a trend.

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    still dont know why when someon whine its nerf them that or that why not say boost us this and that for topic dunno flight form exist for a loong time

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    People started complaining about druids back in TBC when they got the ability to learn flight 2 levels prior to every other class.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flatspriest View Post
    People started complaining about druids back in TBC when they got the ability to learn flight 2 levels prior to every other class.
    Yeah, complaining about Druid's abilities isn't exactly new.
    It's just jealousy from people who want a Druid's class-specific abilities without actually playing one. Everyone wants the best toys, but Blizz did the smart thing and split them up between (most of) the classes. Druids are just an easy/obvious target because they're visually different from the other classes due to their forms. Plus, instant-anything is as easy as you can get in a game, so of course everyone wants instant-flight, instant-run boost, instant-swim boost, etc.
    Probably doesn't help our forms are now some of the best-looking models in-game, miles ahead of even some race's player models, and that's enough to make anyone envious. B)

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    I guess it comes from the griefing in dailies.
    Dailies are a grief fest and druid can be master griefer due to their ability to pick objects while staying in flight form.
    But the problem lies in the dailies, not in the druid class.

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    Well. I'm not on said bandwagon BUT it is kinda shitty that I only get an Instant Cast Mount once a year for two weeks(the broom from Hallows End) where Druids get the instant cast all the time always.

    Also, can they still farm Herbs without shifting forms? Cause if that's a yes, than THAT is kinda shitty too...
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    Lol wow people are actually complaining about this?? *facepalm* Of the couple of years druids had these abilities I had no thought of it I just though it was cool and I don't even have a druid yet. I just don't understand though why this is a problem. I guess it's too unique of an ability and people feel the need to say that either they take it away or every class has the same ability. If they hate people stealing your herbs (which NEVER happened to me) or whatever it is they hate why don't they just level up a druid themselves then they can do the same thing. Oh but I guess that requires you to play the game and level up again and that takes too much time, yeah I forgot. It's plain stupid to complain about something like this. I have to admit this is more stupid than the "MoP is childish" and "PANDAS IN MY WOW WTF!?!? IT'S A KUNG FU PANDA RIP OFF" stuff but what are going to do, that's our wonderful WoW community (if you want to call it that).
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    Complaining about druids > complaining about complainers

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    I started complaining about Druids before it was cool.
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    I suggest we find a new target for them to glom onto. Maybe this one.


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    Quote Originally Posted by PeggBundy View Post
    I wouldn't call two threads a trend.
    You must have missed the part where I said I will not link to the million other thread saying "-This- about druids is OP" etc and so on, BESIDES flying.

    For example, Resto druids being OP, Renewal healing too much, "Druids having ever perk in the game" etc
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