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    Neutral rewards?

    Hey there,

    I stopped playing in around February time. I've decided to play again now it's f2p and I've deleted all my old characters and decided I'd like to try a bounty hunter, but I'd like to go neutral. Has SWTOR added the neutral reward items yet? I know there was talk of it in January time, but have they actually done it yet?

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    Does it really matter? All of the stuff that requires a force aligment are crap compaired to normal gear anyway.

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    well, thank you for answering my question?

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    Neutral rewards seem to have been scrapped. L/D rewards haven't been continued.

    alignment in general is sort of a "pre everyone getting fired thing"
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    Your alignment doesn't matter although there isn't any neutral gear. You'll prolly use that alignment gear only while leveling and it's useless after that.

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