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    Ret: Haste vs Two peice?

    Just a quick question since this is boggling my mind right now, I just got the tier legs today to finally get the two piece but after reforging I ended up losing close to 1000 haste as the legs I replaced were malevolent legs with two haste gems. So my question is, which would be the bigger dps gain? 9200 haste or 8359 and two piece.

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    Assuming a generic average of a 1.4x Haste Multiple for DPS, Your Haste DPS loss would be 1177 DPS, however T14 2-piece I believes pulls a bigger dps increase as I went up about 3K when I switched, again losing Haste. Don't have exact numbers but 90% sure it is better.

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    Helpful, I also forgot to mention with two piece I gained 754 more attack power and 500 mastery roughly 2%.

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    This isn't quite an apples to apples comparison, but...

    As Torterra mentioned, with a 1.4x DPS multiplier the haste loss would work out to be about a 1,177 DPS loss.

    Looking at a recent Gara'jal kill of mine (mostly single target tank n spank)...
    I did about 70k DPS.
    Of that, 18% of my DPS was from TV.
    So TV was about (70,000 * 0.18) 12.6K DPS.
    If TV was doing 15% more damage on this "patchwerk" fight, that would be a DPS increase of about (12,600 * 0.15) 1,890 DPS.

    Other things to consider,

    1. More TV damage will also mean more Hand of Light damage, further increasing its advantage.
    2. The 1,177 DPS loss from the lost haste is obtained from a theoretical DPS multiplier. No one reaches their theoretical damage output, and the actual DPS loss would be less than the stated amount as a result. Again, increasing the size of the check box in the tier bonus column.
    3. The only real downside I see for the 2pc is on AoE encounters when you are using Divine Storm instead of TV.

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    The tier bonus is more beneficial for many reasons. First of all, you get to go back to HA (If you hadn't already) which is still the best burst until the four piece (Only if you used SW due to pairing the burst up with an IBW).

    15% TV damage is an insane boost because TV and Hand of Light are in your top damage dealing abilities. Haste is really not a "crucial stat" when you have at least over 5000. Unless you're under 5000, haste becomes exponentially degraded as you upgrade your weapons, and dependent on trinkets with haste procs or on-uses.

    From my knowledge the two piece is a decently big DPS increase; I just got mine this week and swapped back to HA (I had IBW so i was using SW for a short while) and can't wait to test my new numbers in my raid.

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