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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxvla View Post
    My question is why are none of the guilds with heroic terrace kills showing pulls? At first I thought it was something that would take a few hours or a day to get updated, but it's been several days now and they still don't show.
    WoWProgress most likely hides it because the race for Sha of Fear is still on.

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    That really has nothing to do with the first three bosses who have already been killed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mihir View Post
    I'm just trying to say that knowing how to deal with encounter mechanics is much more important than having the perfect boss order. If you wipe just for getting the slightly suboptimal order, you waste a lot of time that could have been used to have your players get experience with dealing with all the encounter mechanics. Which will help you more in the end.
    You have a point, Mihir, about learning encounters. However, I should also mention that you had more ilevel on your first Spirit Kings kill than I currently have right now. By the time you started doing Meng first (a month later?) I'm sure the gear gap got even further. It's a bit different when you have the tools for the job.
    Quote Originally Posted by roahn the warlock View Post
    when I go to the carnival and drop 5 bucks on a -game- I don't bitch when I don't win the stuffed bear

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    Gear doesn't make you dodge fire faster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by volrath50 View Post
    So has anyone figured out where they are getting the information from? I'm sort of curious...
    I would be really interested to know this too. I had thought/assumed it was WoL, but apparently not

    Would data from DBM be accessible by Wowprogress maybe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by empo View Post
    Holy guacamole batman. I wanna see a video of Meng>Zian>Sube.

    We still just call a wipe if we get Meng first and also if we get Zian>Meng
    I had a stream highlight of that combo kill, but I can't seem to find it , (Kill was last week of october), If I find, I'll place it in this reply. Not great PoV, I spent half the fight screaming and kiting purple blobs.

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    I would imagine the data comes from the same place your achievements and statistics come from. Blizzard records your wipes on bosses ( which is why in statistics you can see what boss you've wiped the most on), it just doesn't show up in your statistics page.

    Pretty coo, feature. I've noticed some weird discrepancies, but most were fixable by updating. People need to log off like they do for guild achievements.

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