Hello there!

I'm the GM of Arch Druid, 10man semi-hardcore guild on Kil'jaeden(west coast server) [Horde]. A little about me and the guild. I've been raiding since Vanilla, and created Arch Druid as a progression guild in the beginning of Cataclysm. Slowly building up our roster, we raided all of Cataclysm, and built a strong core that was able to get Sinestra, 7/7H FL, 5% H spine 10% H Deathwing. We decided we wanted to push ourselves harder in Mists of Pandaria and have increased the raid schedule to allow for more heroic progression!

Current progression:
4/16 H

Raid Schedule: T-W-Th-Fri 8pm - 12am (PST, which is server time)

We're currently seeking phenomenal raiders who perform the DPS role.

The kind of player we are interested in:
Pushes his/her character to its fullest potential.
Team player.
Confidence in their ability to play the game.


Holy Paladin
Disc Priest

However, if you perform above and beyond, you could potentially replace a core member if you are outstanding at:

Shadow Priest
Frost DK
Guardian/Prot Warrior/Prot Pally

If you're interested in becoming a full time team member who pushes content with like-minded dedication & determination, please contact me in game on, or leave your real ID.

Can't wait to hear from you!