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    How does Assasins Creed 3 play on PC

    Hello everyone! I'm a very big fan of the series but ice always played on my Xbox. Well a year ago the box died and I built a nice new pc. I'm fairly new to pc gaming with the exception of MMOs.

    So my question is how do the AC games play with a mouse and keyboard?

    Thanks for any answers.

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    Well, I played all of them but 3 on PC (still haven't gotten it, might for 360) and it was perfectly fine with mouse and keyboard. But if I had a wired controller, I would have used that over the keyboard.

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    Thanks for the reply. I'm looking forward to 3. I should probably get a controller at some point

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    I recommend buying a Xbox 360 controller for PC. It does not cost that much. That thing will pay for itself. It makes a lot of games funnier and easier to control, especially third person games like Batman and Assassins Creed. A controller also allows you play more comfortable. For example you can assume positions you would not be able to do with a mouse+keyboard. You can lean into your couch/chair/ and relax more.
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    i have a xbox 360 controller on PC, but franckly, i always played assassin creed on keyboard mouse. But i admit, if there is one game that could be play on pad on PC, it's this one.

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