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    Sha of Fear

    Hello guys i need some info about the Sha of Fear, when do you use heroism or how do you manage the pandas? We dont really seem to kill them for some reason.
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    When i did it we blew the BL in the start since everyone is on the platform/ has their cooldowns. For the pandas, just dps them down and make sure to pick up the sha orbs (they return to the panda after 8 seconds healing him for 5 %!)

    Also when the panda casts Deaths Blossom, the tank wants to pop a major cd and pick up the orbs that's up instead of hiding behind the pillars like the healer/DPS

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    ok we'll try that
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    Don't know your setup but we have both a Mage and a Resto Shaman, so we just used it towards the end. Right when a group came back and the other group got ported away, we popped it. That way we had the 30 sec buff from the Bowman platform to dps the adds on the boss platform. The group who got ported away, popped BL when they got back and we ported away. It was really nice to get the adds on the boss platform down fast.

    Have your healers pick up as many orbs as possible, while your dps/tank just picks up any orbs close to them or when they need resources.

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    Considering its a 10+ minute encounter you can use heroism twice, so do it at pull and again when sated expires.

    As for killing the bowmen, the tank can pickup most of the orbs on their own after they get initial threat on it, and have healers do a few as well (it restores their mana). You should have more than enough dps.

    Was actually quite surprised on how easy this encounter is considering how hard everyone made it sound to be. We downed it on our 3rd attempt. In comparison we used 20 attempts to down Grand Empress Shek'zeer and 18 on Will of the Emperor.
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