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    need some help with my tmog set

    so i won't be able to be on wow for a few hours and started to gather my set last night. so far i've got

    Does anyone know a good chest and some legs to go with this, or a good gun that would be great. thanks
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    There isn't a lot of choice if you're looking to match the lava texture, most lava-y things being shammy only. The recoloured Earthfury set has the lava theme going, but it's black with orange lava. To match the colour of your Surging Mana shoulders, (blue with goldish trim) you could go with pieces from the Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Chain set. I also found these pieces that match the colour palette:

    Stilled Heart Mail Set

    Weapons: Rifle of the Platinum Guard, Prison Warden's Shotgun, Sen'jin Beakblade Longrifle(Horde), Felglacier Bolter.

    Good luck, happy mogging =D
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    Try using the hunter Tier 5 if you are looking for some blue, I used http://www.wowhead.com/item=49844 when I was using the Tier 5 set, goes well with my NE hunter's blue hair

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