For the second time today, I've had an issue on Spirit Kings where a pet will die and not be resurrectable, even after the encounter is over.

Trying to rez it gives an error "you don't have a pet". trying to summon a new one gives the error "your pet is dead".

The first time this happened, I was using one of the newer tiger models from MoP, who I had happened to give the same name as an older Wrath tiger that I had deleted. I wound up logging off and back on, which didn't help. I went to a stable master, moved the pet to and from my inventory, and attempting to summon the pet again, it actually gave me back the old model. (weird).

My second attempt at the LFR was the same result. Pet died during the encounter, and was unretrievable, even after I left the raid.

Is anyone else seeing weirdness like this?