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    Hit cap VS Just under hit cap

    So I've always put myself to exactly hit cap or higher, I reforge to get as close to it as possible without being under. Most people I've talked to in the past feel this is the correct way to reforge.

    However there are a few people, and reforge websites like Askmrrobot that insist (even specifically say in side notes next to stats) that reforging just below hit is more optimal then going over in some cases.

    I really hate the idea... so I usually use the "force caps" option or whatever they just added in, however if there is actually truth behind their words I was hoping for some more insight on here.


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    Well, depends on preference.

    Are you going to be pissed if you miss with an ability that has a long cooldown, even though askmrrunnoexpertiseasanarmswarriorintier11 says it's optimal to run under hit cap?

    I would be. I'd be pissed if I missed a Colossus Smash for any reason.
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    Simple, going over the cap wastes stat points. It may only be 15 or 20, or could be 50+, but those are points that could be increasing your DPS.

    If you're just under the cap, say 0.1% miss chance, that is one in 1000 attacks which will miss. IIRC you attack less than 1000 times in boss fight, so you're likely to go a fight or two without any misses, and the one fight in which you miss, the miss will be lost in the randomness of the fight. You'll barely notice it. But, all your stat points will be useful! They'll be increasing your DPS (slightly)!

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    If you're into extreme min-maxing, a little under (like 7.47% instead of 7.5%) is better than over. Anything over has zero value, and those can be turned into a few points of haste/mastery/crit/whatever instead.

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    If you don't notice the miss and it screws up your rotation, the effect of human error would be worse than what the simulations would predict.

    For example, a boomkin might expect a starfire to put him in solar eclipse and start queuing wraths, but the starfire misses and if he doesnt notice right away, that's a couple wasted casts. (Happened to me on Feng where the miss chance goes up)

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    If you're willing to accept the chance to miss then it's fine to be under hit cap as, when you don't miss, you'll be capable of doing more damage. Personally I hate my chance of missing not being 0% so I always twist my gear to be at exactly cap, even if this means adjusting gems & enchants to not be the recommended ones.

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    You will never notice the difference in real life. Optimizers operate on perfect ideal lab conditions. Go with personal preference.
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    Even if you only have 1 chance over 1000 to miss, that doesn't prevent you from missing twice in a row.
    let's say hit rating weight is 2, mastery is 1.5 and you have 100 rating to reforge and are 50 rating below hit cap
    reforge into mastery will score 100x1.5=150 whereas reforge into hit will score 50x2 +50x0= 100

    But going over a 6min fight, as Gandrake says, if you miss one long CD will those 100 mastery rating still be more effective?
    Your throuput will be more linear being hit capped however this can be suboptimal in terms of stats points.
    It also depends on the other stat, If you are balancing hit and crit, that all about RNG, I'll go for hit personnally.
    Balancing with haste, it may be more valuable to miss one hit over 6min but to be able to have 2 more attacks.

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    Truth is, this really depends on class as well. For feral, for instance, hit and exp are lower weight stats and have little effect on your dps as long as you aren't energy capping. You still want some, but not at the cost of mastery, and normally not even crit. Feral has no cooldown on attacks and loses nothing but a global if they miss.

    A lot of this will depend highly on your class and specs stat weights. And then, there is the RNG factor if you're under hitcap, it can go really really well.. it can go really really bad.

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    Depends on your class/spec.

    For example, my Devouring Plague as a Shadow Priest doesn't consume the Shadow Orbs if the spell misses.

    Do your abilities account for spell/attack misses? If so, then you can safely run with just below the hit rating. I'm comfortable at running at 14.9x, but not at 14.8x.
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    aside from the above, reforging to EXACT hit cap means you don't reforge optimally. if you reforge to 5100-5200 you get flexibility to reforge better.

    that goes for all caps, not just hit.
    leave some margin.

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    Here is a nice blog post on the topic from askmrrobot.com: http://blog.askmrrobot.com/2012/11/h...bout-hit-caps/

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    Envenom doesn't consume CP when it misses, but still gives you the buff.
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    The slight gain you get from reforging out of hit cap to just under hit cap would make up for the one or two misses per fight you will get

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    for dualwielding chars you cant "overcap" hit if youre not going for that 18% hit which would be ridiculous.
    other than that, if you have 0.01% chance to miss, you can miss 100 times in a row, so go figure

    min/maxing stuff and doing theorycraft is pretty fun, but waste of time. each pull is different with your movement and ability
    to react and move and do the dps or heals so, its not that big problem.

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    Thanks for the input guys. I tend to like to be over hit cap like I said, the askmrrobot just got me thinking about it. Looks like a lot of people are just as conflicted as me. Considering I see responses saying both opinions lol. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing for now I suppose.

    BTW for those saying it depends on your class/spec I play 2H Frost DK and a Ret paladin. If that matters.

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    yes it matters cause then overcapping hit is 0 help for 2handers, 1handers+shield/offhand and spellcasters,
    with dualwield, overcapping from 7.5% soft, helps you always to get white hits in more often

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    It also matters because some abilities have more significant consequences to missing than others.

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    The answer of is it worth it depends on your class and playstyle. It also depends on factors of like how much stats are you losing. Also very important is that some classes, like affli warlocks, run severely under hit cap because it is a DPS gain for them. If they then crit, they will get ranked. Lore from Tankspot had a talk on it this week. I have to say this is nothing new in MoP. What is new is what is optimal to run with per class.
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    Personally I love consistency. As a monk I'd hate to miss my Jab when I'm almost at full energy, only to cap it and thereby lose DPS. Being just under the hit cap and miss is probably one in a thousand occurrence, but when it happens you'll hate yourself.

    My current hit percentage is 7.51 % which means I would waste (except I dual wield so there's no waste for me) 0.01 % worth of hit rating. Ask yourself if you're willing to sacrifice such a small amount of stats. Personally I'd rather be safe than sorry.

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