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    Question About H Stone Guard Crystal Mechanic


    I've been reading a bunch of different posts and strats about H Stone Guards, and a lot of them say that they have ALL dps or something like that pick up the crystal at the beginning to get a high amount of stacks quickly. How is this possible? I was under the impression that only one of each crystal can be picked up at a time. Are all the DPS grabbing the crystals at the same time? Or do people mean that they have different people picking up crystals after one person is done painting their 10 tiles?

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    Well on 10 man you have 3 crystals as we use a compositon of 2 tanks/3heals/5 dps at start of every painting phase we use 7 ppl to paint each grabs a crystal and runs in straight line so its easier for others to pain its good to stack to around 110 so it means 1 run for these 7 + another run for 3/4 dps.

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    More than one person can use each crystal. We had all our ranged DPS do it and everyone took the colour matching the current petrify to avoid huge raid damage.

    This was on 25 mind you, we went to 100 stacks at 70-40% and then 150 stacks below 40% + bloodlust.

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