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    Mannoroth's fury good for Tsulong?

    Hey guys! I'm just wondering if it'll be good to go MF for the dayphase where you can cast SS:SoC and spam SoC on the big add to blow it up.

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    Not really seeing any benefit to MF on this fight tbh. I could see KJC or AV being a bit more useful.

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    There's no benefit to having MF for Tsulong at all. You should be SB:SS the little adds/big add and DSing them for full shards.

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    Destro, you can RoF stun two adds every spawn, and havoc cleave them fairly easily (10m). Frees up DPS for other things, but generally, there isn't much else to do. Still, it's useful until 5.1 for that.

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