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    dual monitor

    I am thinking about a dual monitor set up.
    Thing is my desk is small, but I think I can fit a second monitor on it from a corner angle or on the side,
    if that is even remotely comfortable.

    I have a 24 inch IPS monitor from Dell currently but would like an additional 18. Inch monitor.

    However I do have some questions, my HD 7870 has a DVI slot which I use, however, it does not have
    a additional DVI or VGA slot, only a HDMI.
    So can I plug a second monitor in the motherboard DVI or VGA slot and will it adjust? Or is that not going to work?

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    Anybody have a clue? Or will it have to be a HDMI small monitor?

    PS: Also have 2 mini DP ports.
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    Dual monitor sounds great but in actual use I find it distracting. Especially if the monitors are different models.

    If you are displaying large amounts of static information i.e. toolbars, stock ticker, movies, etc you may use in a dual setup.

    As for connection hdmi>dvi adapter is the way to go. Motherboard connection in my expierence are disabled when video card is installed.

    edit: didn't see display port part. there are adapters>dvi for those as well.

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    Most monitors will support HDMI theise days, but when they don't cmdrcod's suggestion works just as well.
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