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    Pet Collectors : Safari Strategy that helped me, maybe could help you to :)

    I just got the baby ape. I now have all the hard to get ones that I know of, I could be wrong. I guess I will find out when I go for my Safari achieve, barring Kalimdor of course due to the summer pet. Since Sunday I have gotten the scourged whelpling (rare) minfernal (uncommon) baby ape (rare) silitid hatchling (uncommon i believe, can't remember ;p) snowy owl and the shadeling. I already had the arctic fox, but I have been camping looking for my guildie who got it this afternoon .

    I used the tips on warcraft pets. Most were just suggesting to camp for hours, or wait til server resets. Tried that, didn't work. And I am impatient. A guildie and myself teamed up and went pet crazy over the past few days. We each created DKs on low population servers and left them in felwood, stv, and storm peaks. I chose a medium population oceanic server, a new player Brazilian server, and a low pop us server. She did the same, except the Brazilian.

    Checking at least once every half hour while we were questing and doing other in game stuff. This way you can cover as much ground as possible. The only way to get to storm peaks though is to rez run like hell, or use a two person flying mount like we did. Obviously we didn't want to spend too much time lvling these DKs so I had to invite her alchy to fly me to storm peaks, while she watched STV for me.

    I suggest keeping yourselves in similar realms. Like if you are on a us server , have your friend on a different us server. That way if you see a pet the other needs you can engage the pet, and alt+f4 when they get there so that they can take over. We found this out sunday when she was on an oceanic server and I was on a us. She found the ape, started the battle. When I got there it kicked her out of battle brought her to the server I was on.

    I really hope this helps!! I have seen SO many posts of people saying they have been camping for just one of the pets for weeks. We got them so easily, maybe we both just got really lucky, but I wanted to share with you guys If someone has already posted a similar strategy I apologize
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    I just made toons on multiple different servers, and parked them in the hard to find pet zones.

    Just make sure you get ones that do not share a CRZ. You can check by killing one mob there and if you log into the other one, if the same mob is dead chances are you share. :P

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    It's not hard to get all the pets. The rarer pets/weather dependent pets, just park alts in their respective areas. If you have a few characters on other servers, do the same thing and just check here and there. It's rather easy honestly.

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