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    Wow - Sound or no sound?

    Iam curious, do you play with sound ON or OFF ingame?

    Personally i have not been playing Wow with any sounds since Vanilla, when MC, Naxx came i couldnt hear trough the cluttering of 40 people trying to lead the raid themselves, so I had to turn off the sounds in order to filter out whos actually was leading.

    This has continued since that time.

    Q: Why do you play with or without sound?

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    I haven't played with the sound on in years. I prefer to have my own music going and, as someone who mained a shadowpriest for years prefer to not hear the constant whirr of mind flay.

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    Depends, If I'm playing with friends and we needed to communicate, I turn sound off, otherwise on.

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    depends what im doing. if raiding i have sound off so i can concentrate on the RL. if doing a 5man/dailies/whatever i have the sound on. it dosnt feel right playing without it on

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    I tend to switch between having it on low and having it on. Sometimes I like to get immersed in the environment and put the WoW music on and everything which is great, in small doses.
    Certain ability sounds like Howling Blast (Or in your case, Mind Flay) can get very irritating and it's just not something you want in your ear ><
    I generally have sound on low while raiding and some epic soundtrack music on like this

    While doing other bits and bobs like dungeons, PVP and general time-wasting, I have WoW sounds on low with some general music.

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    As a melee, playing with sound on is like the scene in Home Alone 2 where there is a tool chest falling down a flight of stairs.

    For reference -

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    When i do something important i have the sound on but if I'm farming or doing some boring achievements i have the sound off.

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    I played with sound on when I first started. Got tired of the ''you can't do that yet'' or ''not enough mana'' or whatnots. Always have it off now but the only time I have it on is for the cinematics when they speak and such.

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    I play with the sounds effects on and the game music off. The music in Orgrimmar and the Eastern Plaguelands make me want to throw my damn monitor out the window. Now I just play movie soundtracks in the background; Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, or (oddly enough) Transformers. I highly recommend "The Breaking of the Fellowship" for Dun Morogh and the Storm Peaks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedleyazg View Post
    As a melee, playing with sound on is like the scene in Home Alone 2 where there is a tool chest falling down a flight of stairs.

    For reference -
    Great now I wanna watch the movie

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    Sound off but still use the sound for add-ons etc

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    I was never able to play without sounds, I just sucked terribly, cos I usually remember some abilities by their sounds...
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    i only played the sound in zones that i enjoyed the music (which wasnt very many, only 3 or 4 maybe in the whole game?) and during arenas. other than that i always had it turned off

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    I can't begin to fathom the game without sound. So much of what is going on in the game is reported that way. WoW would be an entirely different ( and much worse ) game without it.

    Playing the game without sound is sorta like the difference of playing the game on Low video settings versus Ultra. Entirely different experience.

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    Yeah, I can't imagine playing without sound. I've watched some of my friends play with no sound and it looks so boring. I sometimes play music along with it, sometimes not, but I don't ever turn off sound effects. I like hearing my spells and weapons, and the screams of my enemies as they're dying.

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    Always off. Most annoying sounds ever. Only BigWigs and sheep RBS bugs me.
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    if I'm on teamspeak, I have the sound off. otherwise it's on

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    Pretty much always on, although I lower it whenever talking to someone or when I listen to music. The game feels so boring with no sound...

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    Sound on and when I'm raiding I just turn it down rather than turn it off.
    I rather like the sounds in WoW, it's never so much as crossed my mind to turn it off because of that and I just don't get why another person would .

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    Haven't had it on in years overall. I will flip it on every now and then. Did it for LFR once and I can't take Elegon seriously anymore, sorry.
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