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    Haven't played with sound for years now. I just find the combat sounds to be annoying so I rather just listen to music or have a movie/video playing in the background

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    No sound. I focus better without sound.

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    Off, I like listening to music while playing.

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    always with sounds on, i like to hear whats going on and GTFO addon rely's on sound :P ye i need that addon lol.
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    but when raiding i lower the sound a lot. since i wanna hear ppl talking on vent and in LFR i can turn off many other things and do my own thing.

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    I used to never play with sounds, but since MoP's release I simply can't force myself to turn off the music.

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    I play with sound off so i can listen to music while i play. Haven't played with sound since start of cata, i liked listening to the in game music in BC and Wotlk though so i played with sound back then.
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    No sound in PvE, I always play while chatting on skype. PvP is different and sometimes hearing that stealth rogue or druid near you can be a life saver (though still while talking on skype )

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    My sound is allways on. I sometimes play my own music in the background, but i am absolutely unable to play any kind of game without sound

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    I have it off. Its horible too listen.

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    Usually If I'm in a new area for the first time (like during an xpac) I'll have the sound on.... other than that I have it off because of vent/ts/skype/mumble or music..... Or listening to the Howard Stern show When i got GW2 i had the sound on for maybe 2 days.... After that, the sound remained off.
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    I keep the music off and sfx to a minimal.

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    No reason not to. It will only improve your performance...

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    I usually play with sound off, I just can't stand the combat sounds...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggma View Post
    If Guild Raid = True Then Game sound = False;
    else Game sound = True;
    else Awsomeness = win;

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    Most of the time my sound stays on but low because i always listen to music or watch a movie while playing.
    And indeed some sounds are very annoying (mind flay, 'that spell isn't ready yet', etc).

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    Music off but sounds definitely on, I just need to hear the actionjackson sounds, being a dps myself. Plus many of the bosses have such epic voices I just wouldn't wanna miss out on those. And I would find the game extremely boring with no sounds tbh.

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    I really really really can not imagine raiding with the in-game sounds on. What's the point of using Voice chat if you have the wow sounds on (be it the spell/attack sounds, or just the ambient music). And yes, I obviously tried lowering the sounds biiig time before turning them off, but for me, every sound that was not coming from the Voice chat, was a distraction.

    Same shit applies to ppl listening to music while raiding. I simply can't fathom how they do it^^

    Unless they removed/changes the sound of Mind Flay, that's also a big reason to have it off as an SP.

    Every time I turn the music on, I get that nostalgia feeling though, ESPECIALLY in Shattrath, most of the Ally starter zones, SW and IF
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    Got the sound turned on most of the time. Not if a certain piece of music annoys me to death. I'M LOOKING AT YOU EASTERN PLAGUELANDS!
    I like to hear the sounds when in combat, I kinda need them as a feedback. Besides, is there anyone flying around Org with their music turned off? The current bgm is one of the best WoW has seen in years. Makes me want to roll a Horde char twice a week.

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    Haven't had sound turned on for maybe 6 years, it found it to be too annoying and repetitive. I also like to listen to my own music while playing, so having sound on only interferes with that.
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    Sounds on but turned RIGHT down so it's only things like DBM that can generally be heard. Music though is off.
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